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Western Woes has closed and I am now working on a new project called West Minded Men. Visit here. Thanks to all of my readers who have taken the time out of their busy lives to read my thoughts. I’m not even sure they are worth a penny. My thoughts, not my readers. My readers are worth their weight in gold.

What Is Next?

As I close out Western Woes, I have plans to start a new blog and possible podcast. When I started WW, I just started posting articles and pics without much more thought than a knee-jerk reaction to what I was experiencing. As I have matured and grown over the years, I have wanted to be less random and less impulsive in my blogging. So, for 2017 I hope to begin a new project with a more scheduled and focused effort. It is still in the planning stages, but I hope to launch within the next couple of months, if not sooner.

I will definitely link to the new blog site.

Thank you all and God bless!

The Symbolism Of The 2016 Presidential Election

In terms of Western Civilization, Christendom, and American Christianity, Donald Trump is far from the idea candidate. His divorces, money-oriented life, and seeming lack of religious devotion do not seem to conform to those things deemed most important in the West, including family fidelity, material contentment, and devotion to Christ. Yet, his rise to power was symbolic and revealed the underbelly of a fragmented American culture that politics has only revealed partially up until now.

Exit poll data, the statistics of the Presidential election, reveal that the three most Western demographics overwhelmingly supported Trump. From the New York Times:


The majority of White Male Christians (including Catholics) voted for Trump. This is the demographic American Progressives have been warring against intensely over the past fifty plus years, though the work of Communist adherents were working subversively even before then.

It is not necessarily whites, since the nationalist / globalist divide is essentially a white civil war. It is partially men, since feminism is an ideology of female superiority and male inferiority. It is primarily Western Christendom, especially the part called American Republic, that Progressives are seeking to undermine and replace.

But history is what it is and the fact is that the majority of what Westerners enjoy and value was birthed by a particular ethnicity with a particular culture that maintained particular beliefs through millennia old traditions. Those traditions, the culture that birthed them, and the men who made up that culture have been derided for much of the twentieth and twenty-first century. The American remnant of that culture decided they are no longer going to be trampled underfoot by the secular utopia dreamers and their multi-everything and anti-West armies. They have rebelled and Donald Trump was their symbol for that rebellion.

Western Christendom Versus The Hoard

This video for #DisruptJ20 pretty much says it all. This is what the Hoard believes …

At the 1:48 mark, the narrator says, “Our Allegiance is not to making American great again, but to all humanity and the planet.”

The ethnic, cultural, and ideological divide is becoming clearer and this video reveals just how important the 2016 election truly was. As an emerging Catholic, I would love to see Catholics and other Christians realize that an entire civilization rooted in their faith is being engaged and dismantled.

Michael Voris, of ChurchMilitant, recognizes the same:

What we witnessed this week in American politics is the destruction of Diocletian and the ascendancy of Constantine. To be certain, Diocletian always seems to be resurrected somewhere down the road, and God always raises up His new Constantine, but for the moment, in the present temporal order of affairs, the Diocletian apparatus has suffered a severe blow, and Constantine will be shortly assuming the throne.

As I have written, the time for mercy has passed. Moderation is suicide. Those who seek to overcome and overthrow the Christian West for a secular world will not be deterred. They will not respect the traditions of the faithful. They will not accept the Western Republic. They despise the Holy Roman Empire. What they will accept is the subjugation of the Church to the State, of the mysterious to the scientific, of belief to allegiance, of Christ Himself to His creation. Christ indeed did subjugate Himself to His creation and the result was His crucifixion.

And I do not think He will be inclined to let it happen twice.