In terms of Western Civilization, Christendom, and American Christianity, Donald Trump is far from the idea candidate. His divorces, money-oriented life, and seeming lack of religious devotion do not seem to conform to those things deemed most important in the West, including family fidelity, material contentment, and devotion to Christ. Yet, his rise to power […]

This video for #DisruptJ20 pretty much says it all. This is what the Hoard believes … At the 1:48 mark, the narrator says, “Our Allegiance is not to making American great again, but to all humanity and the planet.” The ethnic, cultural, and ideological divide is becoming clearer and this video reveals just how important […]

Vox Day posted a graphic that sums it all up nicely. Vox writes,┬áThere is no more “Republican” vs “Democrat”. It is now whites vs non-whites and white quislings. All long-term strategies now need to revolve around demographics, not ideological policies. The Occidental Man must now defend himself or have his children subjugated.

The Presidential Election for 2016 has been won by Donald Trump, a man who is immoral and devoid of Christian loyalties, yet was willing to face incredible opposition in order to challenge the flowing trend of globalism that was slowly engulfing America and is slowly destroying Europe. With Trump as President, Occidental Christendom in America […]

As of this writing, it is November 3, 2016. The United States Presidential election is approaching and there is both intense support as well as disgruntled disgust for both leading candidates. The cultural divide is wide and polarized. There are rumors of civil wars should either candidate win. Each side is fighting for what it […]

Donald Trump talked about grabbing women in the biscuit. The left are up in arms about the lack of respect women get, especially the first potential female president. There’s talk of rape culture and secret sexual liaisons. I posted on Facebook: Feminism has spent a century and more fighting to liberate women from the expectations […]

In serious of previous articles, I examined the teachings of the Catholic Church and leveled against them very harsh criticism. You can read those articles, here, here, and here. I also talked about how progressive influences were prevalent in the process of introducing people to the Catholic Church. The Church holds that faith and reason […]