Mission Impossible: Gay Marriage

Wired for marriage

One of the most profound phenomenons of the twenty-first century is open advocating for gay marriage. For the cause of marriage equality, homosexual couples are demanding the recognition and support by both state and community that is generally given to traditional, heterosexual marriage.

This would be a non-issue except for the reality that it is simply assumed homosexuals have the capacity to marry without asking what marriage as an institution entails in terms of sex. If there is gay marriage there is gay sex. A simple question of biology reveals that the concept of “gay marriage” is a practical impossibility.

If a same-sex couple goes through the religious and legal ceremonies or requirements for marriage, how do they consummate the marriage on their honeymoon? In a traditional understanding of marriage the couple, a man and a woman, would be expected to be chaste until after they went through the ceremony and then on their honeymoon, they would have their first conjugal experience. The man’s penis and the woman’s vagina are biologically and sexually compatible with each other. When they join, they are officially “married.”

Now take two men on their honeymoon. How are they are going to consummate their marriage? Since they both have penises, the only option is anal sex. Since the rectum is not a biological organ for sex, being designed for the expulsion of waste, the act is not marriage. It is sodomy. What about two women? The only viable option is some sort of artificial device, but then the women are not married to each other, but to the device.

Now in the discussion over gay marriage, the realities of homosexual sex is a taboo. Given that the past forty years were spent making heterosexual sex openly discussed and displayed, this unspoken prohibition on talking about homosexual sex is a blatant double standard.

There is, of course, a reason for the taboo. In the minds of gay marriage activists, marriage and sex are not the same. The emotional and legal joining of marriage is something completely different than the physical act of sex. People can have sex with numerous partners without ever being considered married and they can be married without having sex. The traditional view was that the woman a man had sex with was the woman he married. If he slept with numerous women, he was a polygamist, or in biblical parlance, an adulterer.

Another question reveals that homosexuals have double standards concerning marriage and sex. If marriage and sex are separate then why is a husband having sex with another woman who is not his wife still considered an injustice to the wife? He is religiously and legally married to the woman, but with marriage and sex being separate, there should be no requirement or expectation of sexual fidelity, only marital fidelity.

The reality is that gays cannot biologically marry one another. That impossibility is the real issue. To legalize gay marriage is to legally protect something that does not exist.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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