Hating The Man

Troy Davis was executed in Georgia last night for the shooting death of police officer Mark McPhail.

Lawrence Brewer was executed in Texas last night for the dragging death of James Byrd.

I feel as if I have to choose loyalties in a case like this. Troy and Byrd were black. McPhail and Brewer were white. Both crimes were heinous and deserving of the death penalty. That is not in dispute. But much more effort was put into trying to prove Davis’ innocence and extolling Byrd’s innocence.

I did not find many efforts to remember McPhail and practically nothing in defense of Brewer. Those who oppose the death penalty were avid defenders of Davis, but similar voices were silent at Brewer’s execution. Much was made of the suffering of the families of Davis and Byrd, but the McPhail family was not as well received. And I do not think anyone really gives a rat’s eye about the Brewer family.

As a “Christian” in the twenty-first century, I am supposed to join in the pro-black, anti-white compassionate cause for social justice. This liberal juggernaut has been successful in pushing its agenda with underdog blinders on, ignoring any possibility that crime and justice should be transcendent.

Even with all the court wrangling and various disruptions caused by Davis’ most intense supporters, he remained guilty in the eyes of the law, even with modern crime investigation, and despite liberal sympathies, met the death penalty for his crime. His being black was a foundational reason for the belief in his innocence.

Brewer also died for his heinous crime. His guilt, however, was based as much on his being white as the facts of the cruelty he inflicted. There was practically no protest against his execution. The important focus of the case was the fact that a black man was savagely killed by whites.

The way to fully understand the state of thing is to hypothetically reverse the racial makeup of those involved. Say a white man had shot a black cop and a white man had been dragged to death by blacks. How would the stories have played out? The black cop would most likely be a hero and there would be great sympathy for the black family whose son was going to be executed.

Then there is the unsung case of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. In 2007, five blacks carjacked this white couple and inflicted incredibly cruelty on them.  Christopher was sodomized with objects, beaten and finally shot several times. Channon was raped, sexually assaulted with objects, had corrosive chemicals poured down her throat and in her vagina before being bound and covered in plastic bags and left to suffocate. One of the five suspects received the death penalty. The news outlets buried the story and it was practically ignored and today more people know about the murder of James Byrd than the murder of Channon and Christopher.

One of the most effective propaganda tools liberals used in their overthrow of Western thought in American culture was the accusation that Western thought and religion was based on the supremacy of whites and men. The plight of African slaves became their postal child and their rise to power succeeded by pitting one ethnic group against another.

To this day, that emotional phenomenon infects and affects everything, from politics to entertainment. There is the undergirding idea that American whites carry a fundamental guilt for crimes that are no longer existent. Whenever blacks are victims of white criminals, it fits the emotional paradigm and is heralded as a teachable injustice. However, whenever whites are victims of black criminals, it is passed over and ignored because it would violate the paradigm of white guilt and black victimhood.

It is all a massive injustice to correct injustice. This paradigm of universal guilt for whites is hating hate, an impossible ideology.

The blood of those viciously murdered cries for justice and those who die for murdering their fellow man fulfill that justice. Though ethnic identity remains a practical reality, it cannot supersede the call of man to spare the lives of his neighbor.

Murder is murder.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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