Nobody’s Gonna Get Immigration

A Mexi-can American

The GOP hopefuls are making their voices heard as they attempt to weed each other out of the presidential race. The idea is that a GOP rival to Obama will arise and the non-Obama voters will find the hero they need. One of the main topics in the Presidential campaign will be immigration.

Rick Perry has already suffered major setbacks with his support of immigration as the other members of the GOP oppose immigration. Yet, his sacrificing a key issue of the GOP may gain him the hispanic vote. David Hinojosa, the southwest regional counsel for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, told FoxNews, “Latinos see it as a race issue.” Hinojosa is right.

American patriot groups like the Tea Party and conservative leaders refuse to see immigration as a race issue. The whole concept of defending Western Civilization cannot be carried out without the stark and ugly reality that for better or for worse the West grew mostly out of European Anglo peoples. The primary reason why Democrats are big supporters of mass immigration from Mexico is that they are continuing in the belief that the United States is over-populated by Anglos. The physical shift of raw ethnicity will allow the mass diversity needed to ensure their continued political survival and shift of the United States toward the socialist experiment.

The GOP would never survive politically if it came out and said that the preservation of Western Civilization was dependent on the survival of Anglos as an ethnic group. The only reason why there are a sprinkling of Hispanics in the Republican camp is that the camp has set aside the natural realities in lieu of political survival. The GOP will only go so far as to oppose immigration because the alternative of actually advocating for and supporting whites and Western Civilization is such an abhorrent idea that it is never considered. At the same time, Hispanics are quite comfortable with their natural ethnic loyalty and are not ashamed of it. Whites are unique in that they are ashamed.

Rick Perry’s support of immigration to secure the Hispanic vote makes sense. As the Anglo population continues to be systematically matched and even replaced over the coming decades, the Hispanic and other non-white voters will be united in their minority status, even when they cease to be a minority.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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