A Quiet Hope for the West

A seed of hope for the West

Winston Churchill said, “Do not let spacious plans for a new world divert your energies from saving what is left of the old.” At first this seems like a sound piece of wisdom, but it ultimately presents a type of naivety. If there are spacious plans for a new world then the inevitable question is why the old world does not produce contentment worthy enough for preservation.

Human activity being sourced in imperfection inevitably leads to change. History is a constant recording of the changes that emerge in the generations of human existence. As change occurs, there arises tension between what is and what will be as what is becomes what was. Today is tomorrow’s yesterday.

In the twenty-first century, the old world is the Christian west and the new world is global secular socialism, with its optimistic obsession for world peace and an end to poverty. The conservative essentially functions to preserve the old world as much as possible whereas the liberal seeks to usher in the new world as fast as possible.

The fundamentalist stance of the twentieth century was a militant rage against the machine of progressive liberalism within the culture and the church while the conservative stance is a less militant, persistent struggle to hold the ground. Unfortunately, the fundamentalists and conservatives have lost the culture war. Feminism and secular philosophies have won their victory and a weakened Christianity has sold its soul to capitalist materialism on one hand and Marxist materialism on the other.

In the midst of this confusion, I came across a small twinge of hope, like the proverbial plant in a wasteland. I met a young couple who had become parents and who were members of a liberal mainstream denomination. They both worked, him full time and her part time, and lived by humble means. Yet, they seemed content and stable. It would shock me if I were to hear of them divorced in the future not because they seemed happy as much as they seemed stable. The man had no causes for which he fought and there was no militancy in him. He simply worked as a minister and focused on living a wise life. The woman was not a feminist and harbored no desire to fight against men. They were a content couple.

Perhaps this quiet, unassuming example is the seed that will preserve the Christian west. The foundation of any civilization is a stable and fruitful relationship between men and women, best expressed in the Christian institution of marriage. The reckless decadence of pornography, feminist divorce and the gay lifestyle is simply unsustainable and neither material prosperity nor material equality can compensate.

It was said by Christ that wisdom is proved right by her children. The meekness of a stable Christian marriage is a voice of wisdom and history will ultimately prove her right.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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