Applying Evolution

"Evolution is unproved and is unprovable. We believe in it because Creation is unthinkable." - Sir Aurthur Keith

Conservative Protestantism is often criticized for not accepting Evolution. Darwin’s theory is a dominate cultural force that churches face and from education to government to news, the lack of acceptance of Darwinian theory is emerging as a black mark.

Yet, those who embrace evolution and give the church black marks have yet to answer one profound and simple question. What are the practical applications of Evolution?

Science generally attempts to benefit mankind in some practical way. Biology, chemistry, and mathematics, among other fields of science, have given mankind an amazing array of benefits, from medicine to the combustion engine, from the lightbulb to the computer. Even a farmer can take a little bit of science and apply it.

Evolution, however, does not seem to have similar properties of every day use. It’s fundamental premise is historical and based on random events sifted through force over expanses of time so vast as to be beyond human observation. No doubt, Darwin’s theory is elegant and makes efficient use of the data. It is not however practical.

Most sensible people do not want their medical treatment to be random and applied through brute force (such as finding the right blunt object through trial and error to induce unconsciousness before surgery). Vehicles and computers are not designed to function on random power. People tend to desire to those things they rely on to be as precise and consistent as possible. No sane mother would turn her child over to a babysitter whose ability to care for children was uncertain and unstable. They do not desire childcare that is always changing in random ways and applied through sheer strength. Science that is based on sound, fixed information find application.

The primary areas where evolution has found practical application are philosophical. One, it provides intellectual ground for atheists to stand on and from which to level criticisms of the church. Two, it provides justifiable reasons to reject the authority of the Bible. Christians who accept evolution are essentially finding ground to place their truth claims in something besides their own sacred texts.

If there is one practical, non-philosophical area where evolution could be applied to everyday life, it would be to sift by force humanity in order to determine which humans are working against the progressive evolution of mankind. The elimination of the physically weak, such as the unborn, the elderly, and the disabled, and the intellectually weak, such as those who refuse to accept the authority of science on the subject of evolution, in order to promote a society of the fittest is a practical application. Evolution provides an intellectual framework for rationally deduced final solutions. After all, it is about survival of the fittest.

That is the great taboo.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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