A New World And An Old Religion

Ye ole Christian booke

One of the main motivations behind modern English translations is the need to create a text that speaks to the hearts and minds of youth in a modern world. Religious leaders and apologists struggle to reach a generation raised with a very different understanding of the world than previous generations.

Christian scriptures speak of God in ways that writers of the time understood. They present God as a king, as a father and as a husband. These images contain hierarchal structures, structures of authority. God is a king with authority over his subjects, a father with authority over his children and a husband with authority over his wife.

In the twenty-first century, this understanding of life has been completely replaced with a new understanding that leaves behind authority for interdependent relationships on a field of equality. A husband is equal with his wife, the father with his children and there simply are no more kings.

This becomes problematic with the idea that the Bible is the revealed truth. If it is the final authority on what is truth, then it reveals God as a sovereign with authority. Yet, its very authority is dismantled, leaving Christians to seek a relationship with scripture, requiring a constant redefinition and renewing through new translations. It is the same with personal relationships.

In a world of equality, which fundamentally requires the tearing down of authority, the Bible cannot be held as an authority over the culture and its images of authority find no modern application. To compensate, new thinking has been devised. One idea that is very much in line with modern thought is that God changes as our understanding of God changes, as our relationship to God changes. In other words, our relationship to God is evolving and God evolves with it.

Jesus no longer becomes viewed as a master or king to be obeyed, but a friend with whom we are equal. His identity is no longer based on fixed authority, but on interdependent relationship. Youth see the relationships of equality among Christians and understand it is at odds with what is presented in scripture.

There is no feasible way to make Christianity relevant in a modern world because it comes from a world long since passed. Either the world of equality must collapse, or be collapsed, or Christians need to separate and create an independent culture, even an independent nation, into which others are invited. Simply updating old texts into modern language is not going to work.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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