Where Traditional Conservative Churches Lose It

"Marwage, marwage."

Traditional Conservatives and supporting churches have lost pretty much all integrity on social issues such as abortion and gay rights because they consistently refuse to counter the one philosophy and social policy that infects their congregations.


For a movement that holds claim to scripture as bearing at the least profound wisdom and at the most divine wisdom, simply following a biblical understanding on the relationship between men and women would seem natural. However, men are leaving the church in record droves because they are not finding a culture steeped in tradition past empty religious ceremonies and conservative politics. Despite this, churches continue to emphasize a faulty two-point view of men and how they should relate to women.

First, men are responsible for women’s well-being and betterment. This idea calls husbands to “man-up” and accept the obligation to be the strong pillars of provision, protection and support for women while women are free to enjoy and explore all that life has to offer without any obligation to men.

Second, men are guilty for women’s lack of well-being and betterment. From abuse to poverty to general unhappiness, any lack or failure in a woman’s life is somehow attributed by her interaction with a man, be it father, boyfriend or stranger.

Traditional Conservatives who advocate for men being responsible for their wives in a culture of equality are supporting feminism even while they claim to oppose feminism from the pulpit. Women are now protected by law and advancing through social liberation. They are gaining high levels of education and employment and stand with a great amount of self-sufficiency. Men are essentially called to support and supply women who can support and supply themselves. This has the effect of rendering a man’s labor pointless as ultimately his presence in her life is expendable. If a man dies or they divorce, she will at worse be fine as she can take care of herself and at best profit from compensation in the case of death and alimony in the case of divorce.

Feminism readily supports this system because it is focused solely on the well-being and betterment of women in a state of being completely independent of men. While conservative women marry conservative men in traditionally conservative churches, their relationship is ultimately framed by modern feminist liberation, not the traditional culture that feminist fought to leave behind. This inconsistency disolves the church’s integrity.

Until conservative churches take practical and realisitc stands on the marital relationship between men and women theirs will be a weak voice in society. There is a need to speak out against women having the choice of divorce and the legal system that actively works to exploit men for the sake of women. Those two stances alone could cost a minister his job in conservative churches filled mostly with liberated women, regardless of how concerned they are for America.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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