The Fundamentals of Liberal Philosophies

Liberals are fighting the Axis of Supremacy: Anglo, Male, and Christian.

The left and right sides of the cultural and political divides in this country are both arguing from the same coin. They are both infected by the philosophies that drove the cultural revolution of mid-twentieth century. “Liberal” applies only in that liberals are the most open in their support and embracing of these philosophies. Not even those who live by this zeitgeist may understand what they are embracing, or rather what they have been embraced by.

This philosophical framework is an intellectual resistance movement, a cultural revolution, against a perceived evil that is said to be plaguing all of humanity, even today, and is in need of purging. The three main parts of this threat are Anglo supremacy, male supremacy and Christian supremacy. Anglos are held as superior to other ethnicities by virtue of their ethnicity, males are held as superior to females by virtue of their being male and Christianity is held as superior to other religions and ideologies by virtues of its claims.

Anglo supremacy is questionable as an idea simply because only Darwinian evolution offers any substantive argument for ethnic based superiority through genetic progeny. Male superiority is defined by feminist sensibilities and academic activism. Christianity supremacy, though, is a problem because Christianity can be argued that it is a superior religion to other religions and in fact the main orthodox of the Christian faith is that Christianity is the truth when all other religions are a lie.

Dismantling of this monolith of supremacy is the unspoken obligation laid on people. They must oppose with any means possible any cultural ideas or practices that accept an Anglo ethnic identity, male uniqueness and Christian certainty. Those who refuse to comply are labeled “racist,” “sexist,” and “fundamentalist,” and are considered enemies of the cause. Framework ideas such as diversity and equality are employed to ensure the work of dismantling this idea continues throughout generations and conscripts all to participate, regardless of choice.

For the liberal, all spheres of American life, including government, education, entertainment and religion, are considered corrupt bastions until they are cleansed of the axis of supremacy and openly reflect and enforce the ideas of diversity and equality.

In this paradigm, the church has abandoned any pretense to Anglo superiority, bringing equality through an evangelical pop-identity and mainline activism. It has accepted the feminist condemnation for male superiority and sought to correct the error through various forms of equality. However, it is also begun to slowly compromise its stance that the claims of its faith, that of Christianity, are the final and superior truth in the world.

Missions to third worlds for the sake of “the gospel” continue and the pulpits are full of preachers preaching to full pews every Sunday, but the idea that the Christian message is more than just a religion among religions is subdued. Because the supremacy of the Christian religion is philosophically linked to the supremacy of Anglos and men it is downplayed into obscurity in an effort to reach current generations.

Christianity is compromised severely because it stands under fifty years of secular judgment for being audacious enough to claim it is more than merely a man-made religion. The pressure on leaders to take a gentle, passive approach is severe.

As Christianity abandons its claims to superiority to avoid the wrath of a secular culture, it will lose its relevance and its reason for existing. The liberal churches have already discarded their claims and the conservative churches are in danger of doing the same.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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