Gods To My Left and Right

Left. Right. Empty.

The United States is driven by two prominent philosophies, both destructive, but one more so than the other. What makes them flawed and corrosive is their focus on aspects life without the moorings of Christian morality and worldview. Both often use Christianity to justify their claims, but underneath the veneer is a void.

On the left, proponents of liberalism are driven by an intellectual resistance movement against Anglo supremacy, male supremacy and Christian supremacy. Diversity and equality are the highest order and the gods of liberalism. All aspects of American life, from government to entertainment to private business, are bound to adhere to this resistance movement.

On the right, proponents of conservatism are driven by the vastness of human potential and the accumulation of individual success. Freedom and achievement in various humanities is the measure of morals. To settle for less than complete liberty and not strive for personal excellence is unacceptable. Though not everyone is expected to achieve the same level of success, ambition becomes god.

Yet, conservatism has greater potential for mercy than liberalism because of its advocacy of freedom. Liberalism, in the name of its cause, is willing to supplant freedoms to achieve the diversity and equality, oppression in the name of justice. Conservatism can also be oppressive when power and wealth are used to socially condemn those who lack it, in a sort of Social Darwinism, but liberalism has the greater potential for oppressing its enemies.

Christianity, however, has a different focus in its morality. The primary concern of Biblical religion is a person’s relationship to God and their relationship to other persons. Compassion for those in need and a settled existence for the benefit of one’s neighbor are the moral goals set forth. Sexuality becomes the primary, though not exclusive, standard for measuring the kindness of a society.

If a person cannot treat their own sexuality and the sexuality of others with any sense of respect and clarity, then they are less likely to be stable and giving people. Some of the greatest damage done to a person is through sexual violations, including divorce, adultery, pedophilia and rape. Exploitation of men and women for sexual entertainment is a profitable form of merciless debasement. Sex unleashed to human whim is a great evil.

It can be said that Christianity is obsessed with sex and for good reason. A compassionate society is possible when sexuality is limited and confined within marriage. Today, the United States is awash in sexual license and citizens are shifting the burden of compassion over to the shoulders of government. Individuals consumed  with either liberal or conservative philosophies are neglecting the dirty work needed to bring spiritual and material relief to those in need.

There is emerging a spiritual void among both the rich and the poor, the winner and the loser, and neither liberal or conservative philosophies can handle such a vacuum. The churches are succumbing to these philosophies and finding themselves severely compromised and irrelevant. The gods of equality and human potential cannot meet the spiritual and material needs that come from a settled religious family life.

Here, Christianity’s exclusiveness stands out and provides a substantive answer.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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