Persectuting the Disenfranchised

Christians as the new disenfranchised.

Liberals are heralded as heroes for reaching out to the disenfranchised. Christianity has been heavily influenced by the ultimate goal of calling the outsiders and those rejected. This goal of inclusiveness has given people utopian ideas about everyone being included and experiencing peace and happiness.

However, the realities of life have been ignored and common sense passed up.

In order to challenge the status quo and reach out to those who feel as if they are the outsiders, it is necessary to overthrow one status quo and create another. Once this is done, there then becomes a new group of disenfranchised. This new standard that creates a new group of outsiders no longer has a sense for reaching out towards the disenfranchised.

In practical terms, the liberals reached out to minorities, women, and those who felt excluded from white, male, Christian America. The Thomas Jefferson America was the status quo and it has been overthrown for the sake of the disenfranchised. Now most Americans accepted the dismantling of ethnic preferences for whites and men and America seems the better for it.

The issue of the Christian religion, though, has collided with the issue of sex and science and at this juncture, the realities of life are revealed.

Liberals have long held great sympathy for non-Christians and non-traditionalists, including atheists, pagans, and homosexuals. The disenfranchised they seek to reach out to have less to do with race or gender than with those who have rejected the dominance of Christianity. The new status quo gives preference to the moral and philosophical views of those who dissent from Christianity.

The question then must be asked. What about the Christians who hold to a traditional Christian view on life, from the origins of human life to marriage? They are now feeling disenfranchised in a secular world. Should liberals reach out to them?

The answer is, of course, no.

If supporters of traditional views of life and marriage feel they are rejected and are on the outside, then it is considered just punishment for persecuting atheists and homosexuals by rejection. These traditional views are not held as equal with other views nor are the people who hold them viewed as equal citizens. In fact, the continuing persistence of traditional views has the potential for making criminals out of adherers for dissenting from the new status quo.

It could be said that liberals were either delusional or they flat out lied. The reality is that liberals sought a revolution to overthrow the status quo and now that they have done so, there only remains the punishment for those they have overthrown. They will have to establish themselves in power by punishing dissent or no one will take the new status quo seriously.

This means that criticism of evolution and homosexually will have to be punishable crimes. Creationists and traditionalists will have to suffer a loss of freedom of speech and thought. Liberals will have no option but to quell any potential counter revolution.

While liberals have been heralded for reaching out to the persecuted, they themselves will have to become persecutors of those who will not conform to their ideas. They have secured positions of power and influence and must begin to oppress opposition.

Traditionalist Christians will become the new disenfranchised and they will become persecuted for any outspoken dissent. Liberals will have no sympathy or compassion for them and will not reach out to them, not if they want to be taken seriously.

Liberals reaching out to the presecuted then becoming persecutors is the inevitable end that is being ignored.

Now it might argued that Christians persecuted those dissented from the faith. Very true. However, Christianity has as a founding premise forgivness and mercy, which is why Christian persecution of dissent is so offenseive. However, secular thought has no such premise and therefore no such reason to view persecution of dissent as offensive.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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