Is It Really About Gay Marriage?

It’s a new world …

Fox News reports that DC Comics has now put forth the Green Lantern as a gay character. Actor Neil Patrick Harris (of Doogie Howser fame) told Oprah that he knew he was gay before he was a teen (see my article on how such statements open the door for legalized adult-child sex).  In my last article I noted that ABC has proclaimed support for gay marriage outweighs opposition a few weeks after President Obama declared his support for gay marriage. It would seem that the gay lifestyle is everywhere one looks.

The gay community and identity is not ultimately about marriage or sex, which practically makes the issue of gay marriage a red herring. Sex is ultimately the grounds over which everything is fought (divorce, abortion rights, gay marriage, etc.), but it is not the reason for the fight. Sex has come to the forefront because it is one of the foundations of human existence. It is the ground from which children are brought into the world and place where the most intimate of relationships are experienced.

What is ultimately happening is the emergence of a post-Christian community that seeks a post-Christian America. The Christian worldview enshrined in churches and derived from the Holy Bible has held sway in Western Civilization for over a millennium and was the primary source of boundaries for human behavior, especially sex and marriage. That dominance has now severely shaken and looks to be on the verge of being completely overthrown. Of course, this completely makes laughable the claim that America was never a Christian nation. If it were not, opponents would not have had to fight so hard against Christianity to find the progressive America they desire.

When Pat Benatar sings “Love is a Battlefield” she is not far off. Wrestling marriage and sex away from the teachings of the church and into the hands of enlightened skeptics has been the vehicle for laying the foundation of a post-Christian country.

The word “gay” itself reveals the aspirations of its advocates. In times past it meant happy or jovial. This can be found in the Christmas carol “Deck the Halls” which goes “And now we don our gay apparel.” In current times it is generally understood to mean homosexual. In reality, it means both. To be “gay” is to experience life in a post-Christian world, especially in terms of sex, with the firm belief that such life will ultimately be happier than the passing world under Christianity. Expressing a non-traditional sexuality, especially of same-sex variety, is the quintessential expression of a liberated and happy life.

Christianity still exists, but it is facing the demands that it submit to a new world that has no room for its ideas and beliefs. A few will stand and not submit, but many have already begun abandoning public, biblical Christianity to ensure they will be safe and comfortable in the new world. This decay is best revealed in the anemic attitude toward sex and marriage the church is currently entertaining through divorce and feminism.

This clash of Christian with progressive culture was summed up nicely by Philip Mauro in his article, “Life in the Word,” found in The Fundamentals:

Not only is the Bible, with its peremptory assertion of supremacy and control over mankind, directly counter to the democratic movement, but it is now the only real obstacle to the complete independence of humanity. If only the authority of the Scriptures is gotten rid of, mankind will have attained the long-coveted state of absolute independence, which is equivalent to utter lawlessness.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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