Church Bells Ring Gay In Denmark

A new look for Denmark churches

In Denmark, homosexual couples have won the right to marry in churches. As the President of the United States has openly come out in favor of gay marriage and news sites are trumpeting the acceptance of open homosexuality, the separation between church and state may soon follow Denmark’s example. The Telegraph reports:

The country’s parliament voted through the new law on same-sex marriage by a large majority, making it mandatory for all churches to conduct gay marriages.

Notice the words “new law” and “mandatory.” In Denmark, the state has dictated to the churches what they can and cannot accept while in the United States the separation of church and state will continue to be a hindrance to the gay rights movement. Once the acceptance of open sexuality, symbolized in the gay lifestyle, becomes enshrined by law, the state will have to prosecute the church for non-compliance. Supporters of gay rights will not stand by and allow religious leaders to openly denounce homosexuality. Such denunciations are the very thing that has become pariah in social circles. Drafting laws to silence such criticism of homosexuality and allow the gay lifestyle to be openly expressed whenever and wherever is not just a possibility.

Recently, the Boy Scouts of America began reconsidering its decades-old rejection of homosexual scouts and leaders. The pressure placed on them both politically and financially has been immense and they may be on the verge succumbing.

The case in Denmark and the Boy Scouts in America reveal that homosexuals are not content to simply win the freedom to practice their sexuality and then to practice it openly. They are pushing for the right to establish their lifestyle as the law of the land. Traditional Conservatives will either have to accept it or do the work of defending a biblical view of marriage and sex at the risk of social and legal persecution. Given the Traditional Conservatives’s overlooked divorce rates, open acceptance of feminism (shrouded in the term complementarianism), and its reliance on Fox News politics for its identity (which is still better than CNN politics), it is doubtful the conservative church has much fight left in it.

It is ironic that the major battle cry for those rebelling against traditional church values was not wanting the Bible shoved down their throats. Now the church is having gay rights shoved down its throat. Some might say that turnabout is fair play, that this is justice. Perhaps. Given that publicly everyone was told it was simply about equality and compassion, the lack of both shows there have always been, behind the lies, ulterior motives.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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