Justice For The Sexually Downtrodden

Preists on the hit list.

MSN Now posted a story about a man who was acquitted of felony assault after he went into a retirement home and punched the Catholic priest who had raped him as a boy. Though it was an act of vigilante justice, it was let go, given what happened.

This story is important because the Catholic Church was slow to respond to the growing incidents of priests raping and molesting boys and has been notably lenient on accused priests. The problem could have been solved by holding an inquisition and purging the church of homosexual priests the same way it recently purged feminist nuns.

The crimes committed by priests is not really the issue. What matters is the action of revenge without legal consequence, what many would call justice. If there is ever a popularized symbol of Christianity, it is the Catholic priest. For a priest to be assaulted and the perpetrator be acquitted is symbolic of the conflict between the church and sexual liberals.

Advocates for sexual rights view the church’s continued promotion of traditional marrriage with terms like “discrimination” and “hate.” Every Sunday, churches hold services where ministers and pastors denounce any sexuality outside of traditional marriage. Writers still publish books upholding traditional marriage and public speakers still rail against feminism and gay rights.

For those who support sexual rights, the church not being legally punished for its stance against sexual rights is not unlike the Catholic Church not punishing pedophile priests. There is a longing for the day when activists will be able to march into churches across the country and legally punch church leaders with laws that ban the open support for traditional marriage. For sexual liberals, a pedophile priest and a traditional minister are cut from the same fabric.

Something similar can be seen in the movie, “The Chocolate War.” In one scene, a harsh and overzealous priest is chasing a student, who turns around and punches the preist. The crowd of young Catholic school boys stand and cheer, causing the priestly leadership to cower.

Stories like the one MSN ran symbolize the desire for the sexually liberal communities to legally silence the traditional voices. That is why MSN runs stories like this and why they are important to their readers.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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