The Bible As Revered And Unreliable

A Bible for the modern age

In the controversy over Creation and Evolution, there is an idea common to those who believe that Christians can accept Evolution without compromises to core beliefs and their faith. It is an argument held by both theological conservatives and liberals. Essentially, this stance declares that God’s revelation in scripture is perfect and that God’s revelation in nature is perfect, but that human interpretation is infinitely flawed. This leads to a place where any claims of certainty are rejected and uncertainty is the accepted standard for exploration.

The problem I see in this is that such a position collapses in on itself.

Those who take such a stance seem quite certain that there is a God and that he has deliberately revealed himself in scripture and nature. Those certainties are quietly assumed but never questioned. However, if intellectual honesty is an important goal, then it seems rational to also hold to a position of uncertainty in terms of the existence of God and his revelation. However, if the Christian holds to a position of uncertainty in terms of God’s existence, they are essentially an Agnostic and not a Christian.

Having total uncertainty in terms of scripture renders scripture impractical for the Christian. The words written in the cover of the Holy Bible are of no use if the reader cannot understand them. This barrier includes learned scholars and ministers, so there can be no authorities to rise and declare with certainty what is in scripture. This is compounded by an endless stream of English translations, all carrying their own dialect, and the mass-production of biblical scholars each year at seminaries, saturating the church with teachers, all competing for employment. Here is a book supposedly divine, but beyond comprehension.

Christians are left to find other, clearer sources of information for their lives. Since there are no authorities to settle debates and the scriptures cannot be grasped by human comprehension, each Christian is left to develop his own religion as he sees fit.

It is not unlike purchasing a complex piece of technology and then attempting to read a manual written in a foreign language. Ultimately, the user will not rely on the manual for answers, but will simply experiment with the technology and learn through trial and error.

If the governing principles of life cannot be derived from scripture, being hidden by flawed human interpretation, then the Christian is left to simply experiment with his life and learn through trial and error. In an effort to minimize error and maximize success the Christian turns toward the Evolutionary sciences, leaving scripture behind as something revered but unreliable.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

2 thoughts on “The Bible As Revered And Unreliable”

  1. The evolution debate is interesting. There are non-Christian scientists who do not believe it. There are books and websites that use facts to debunk it, yet Christians believe it. It is astounding.

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