Evolution Teaches Revolution

Ape Revolution

The theory of Darwinian Evolution, so popular among elitist academics and mostly dismissed by the population at large has a seedy underside. Within the elegance of scientific theory is a life philosophy that influences the thinking of the everyday man. His time is spent in employment to cover his expenses and he has little time to contemplate the philosophies of humanists.

Evolution in its basic application is a philosophy of perpetual change in nature, operating autonomously and without any sort of intervention.  Life itself is always in a state of flux and the changes are for the better. Change is always good because it always makes things better. The fantasy of humanists is that human evolution will one day bring about the ultimate perfection of humanity and utopian survival on planet earth.

Evolution is an idea of small incremental changes over long periods of time and humans are part of this very long and crawling history. However, now that humanity understands evolution and the forces affecting its destiny it can ask itself why not take hold of evolution and advance the process over a shorter period of time? If the process is devoid of divine intervention, then there is room for human intervention.

In fact, why not push and compress the evolutionary process into a few decades? Since it is an inherently violent process of change for the better, those who support instant evolution would have to be stronger militarily and politically than those who oppose evolution. There is room for radical, violent change through the destruction of the old world, the weak, for the new world, the fittest.

It is radical change for purpose of an infinitely superior world. It is the taste of hope and change in the air. Hope for a better world tomorrow through rapid, violent change. It is revolution through sped up evolution. And since the mindless process is in the wild, anarchy is part and parcel to the revolution.

Christians who oppose evolution and understand where violent humanist revolutions inevitably lead will be shown no mercy. They are the weak symbols of an old world. The young, the radical, the anti-West are the future of human evolution. They are the fit and they shall survive the radical rush of evolution.

It is revolutionary.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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