Newsweek Reveals Liberalism In All Its Old Glory

By Obama, they done it!

The latest cover of Newsweek is pictured right and tells so much about the philosophies of the left. As I have argued, they view themselves as heroes fighting a three-point axis of evil comprised of Anglo, males, and Christianity. While the left accused Republicans of rejecting Barack Obama because he was black, the left themselves are now open about their rejecting any Republican who is Anglo, male, and Christian. Essentially, the left have projected their own desire for ethnic cleansing onto the right.

Obama is African and secular. He is not considered male because he is a feminist, which are distinct in the leftist mindset. Being African, feminist, and secular, he is the left’s greatest symbol of their long conquest of Thomas Jefferson. For the left, Anglo male Christians are evil by virtue of their ethnic heritage. They are hated by the left simply because they are Anglo and male.

Everything the left has foisted on Americans is an effort to overthrow their ever-present bogeyman. From feminism to affirmative action to secular scepticism making a better America was never the goal. Tearing down the work established by America’s forefather’s, including the Constitution, has always been the goal. What they could not do militarily, they have done through deception and propaganda.

Obama recently told his listeners that voting was the greatest revenge and Newsweek reveals that the left is reveling in their revenge. Finally, they are in a position to break down the United States and make generations of Anglo Christians since Washington and Jefferson pay for their crimes, whatever crimes the left deems fit to find.

It would laughable if it were not so tragically true.

Fortunately, the stalwarts of this kind of liberalism are old and white themselves and will soon be fading into retirement or the grave. Their push to establish a secular empire will fail and America will have to chance to recover.


The Heart And Soul Of The Left


Republicans, we’re going to k-k-k-kill you! Revenge!

During a campaign speech, when the mention of Mitt Romney’s name caused the crowd to boo, President Obama said, “No, no, no — don’t boo, vote. Vote. Voting is the best revenge.” The crowd cheered in response.

This prompts the immediate question. What did Romney do that merits not a simple choice of leadership, but an act of retribution?

For the left, it is not just Romney, but all Republicans and Republican sympathizers. For the left, those on the right represent a fundamental evil on par with Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich. To understand the thinking of the left, you have to begin with the simple idea that everyone on the left is a victim of injustice from everyone on the right.

It breaks down like this:


  • Whites
  • Males
  • Christians
  • Wealthy


  • Minorities, including non-English speaking immigrants
  • Women, children, and Feminists
  • Atheists and those who accept Evolution
  • Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, divorcees, and anyone who has sex outside of traditional Christian marriage
  • Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans, and anyone who practices a non-Christian religion
  • The poor and middle class and Socialists
  • Christians who are sympathizers with minorities, feminists, atheists, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, divorcees, Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans, and anyone else on the left

For the left, those on the right are what they are because they have stolen from those on the left.

From this perspective, Mitt Romney is what he is not because of any honest endeavor, but because of privilege and injustice. All that he is has come about because he stole from and crushed others.

The left wants revenge for minorities, women, pagans, gays, atheists and others. Those on the left are not voting for their nation, America. A “nation” is a Republican idea. They are voting for worldwide social justice where those who have suffered centuries of historical exploitation will finally get their revenge on those who they believe have wronged them.

The sad thing is that those on the left honestly do not see things in such a stark fashion. They never stop to ask why ideas like “revenge” make them applaud or why Barack Obama is such a hero to them for using such ideas. To the left, they do not see what they do as revenge against one group, but as kindness to another group. They deliberately ignore their own bloodlust so that they may achieve what they feel is compassion.