The Perfect Man For The Moden Woman

Note: This piece is meant to be satirical.

Feminism has triumphed in many ways and the modern woman is independent, liberated, and thriving on her own. Everything from life to love to marriage and sex are on her terms. The state protects her, the church enshrines her, and the modern man is respectful of her place.

So what kind of man does the modern woman need? While there is no such thing as the perfect man, there are certain traits that men can cultivate in order to ensure they are prize catches.

Physical Strength. The modern woman needs a man who is physically stout and attractive. Though she can do anything, sometimes her hurried and busy life can leave her exhausted and having a man capable doing the heavy lifting for her is a great gift. Also, a physically stout man can keep her safe when she wants to feel safe, even though she is quite capable of taking care of herself. He can fight off any thug who would do her children harm and carry them safely from a burning building as well as intimidate anyone who might disagree with her. Also, being strong in the looks department doesn’t hurt.

Obedient And Loyal. The modern woman only feels secure when her man is completely committed to her happiness. He has to have her on his mind every moment of his day and everything must be for her. As she is capable of making decisions, he needs to respect her intelligence and prowess by deferring to her whim and wants. Disagreements are enough to cause her to feel unloved and emotionally neglected and those must be avoided. The modern woman needs to be the mission of a man’s life.

Asexual. Emotional intimacy is important to the modern woman, but sex is not. A man must have no interest in sex. As she is a human being with a mind and heart, to want her for physical pleasure is to view her nothing more than a sex object. Sex degrades her and makes her feel used and neglected. When it comes to children, she will use artificial insemination so that her and her man can form a family without the barbaric act of penial pentration.

So the question, can a modern woman ever find a man who is physically strong, completely obedient and loyal, and devoid of sexual interest? Yes they can.

The Perfect Man For The Modern Woman.
The Perfect Man For The Modern Woman.

Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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