Changing Boyz 2 Girlz

Dalrock has an article up about the promotion of single motherhood and female dominance (girl moxxie), focusing on the show Sophia the First. He quotes Dresden Shumaker, single mother and writer for the Huffington Post on her experience with her son watching the show. The quote is telling:

A week ago, he snuggled into me and proclaimed, “boys are not nice.” I asked him which boy and he told me ALL boys. All boys are not nice. They are mean. He was right. In almost every “girl triumphs” story there is a slew of “mean boys.” Or there are boys that have to be told to be kind.

Here is a feminist, an advocate for equality and female empowerment, seeing first hand just how her own son is being affected by what most would consider family-friendly programming. Her son believes that boys are not nice. It is not merely the boys on the show, but ALL boys. The tragedy is that her son, W, will incorporate himself into that blanket assumption. If all boys are mean (which is bad) and he is a boy, then he will rational conclude that he is also mean.

Her equality with men and liberation from any and all male authority is predicated on the fact that men are fundamentally violent and dangerous and cannot be trusted with authority. In others words, she operates in a world of liberation because boys are bad and girls are good. Shumaker sees this and says,

But here is what I sadly realized: Within modern girl power, there seems to be a message that girls are better than boys. Boys are BAD. Boys are MEAN. Boys are silly, weak, stupid, clueless, rough.

In the article, she attempts to cover the obvious hatred that feminism has for men by finding some sort of neutral ground.

It made me realize that we can do better. Boys are not better than girls and girls are not better than boys … I am raising a feminist son in the sense that I want to make sure he knows that women and men can be and are equal.

This statement dies from its own declaration because the pursuit of equality was predicated on the claim of mass abuse of women by men. She does not challenge the message that “Boys are silly, weak, stupid, clueless, rough.” She only challenges the idea that girls are better than boys and by her own admission her motivation is not that feminist might be fundamentally wrong.

The funny thing is that I probably would not have raised an eyebrow at all over the princess video if I had a daughter.

Her stating that girls are not better than boys merely eases her guilty conscience over hurting her own son through what she has lived and believed. If she had a daughter and she has said that boys are bad and girls are better, there would be no problem.

There is no telling how her son will ultimately develop over the coming years, but his mother is not on his side. Even with her attempts to ease her own conscience, she states that she is “raising a feminist son in the sense that I want to make sure he knows that women and men can be and are equal.” Her loyalty is to women and she desires her son’s devotion to be to women, not to truth or men or himself, but to women. It might be speculated that her son’s loyalty to her, his mother, rings as the highest priority in her mind.

When boys measure themselves by the feminist ideas on men and their relationship to women, they will inevitably develop a self-hatred, inheriting a male guilt, parroting the hatred of men and victimhood of women that runs feminist thinking. This inherited male guilt can manifest itself in extreme examples. In a previous post, I wrote about a young boy who at the age of seven had such a hatred of his own maleness that he threatened to sexually mutilate himself. Raised by lesbian parents, he is now, before the age of fifteen, transgendered into a girl.

It makes me wonder how much male homosexuality is driven by the feminist culture of male-hatred.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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