Skipping Over Atheism And Converting To Islam

The British are discovering that their secular world is starting to crumble. The feminism and mass immigration meant to create a humanist utopia of equality and diversity is proving to be but a temporary dream, of puff of smoke in a windy sky.

According the Telegraph, Christianity is disappearing faster than expected and Islam, not atheism, is right on its heels.

A new analysis of the 2011 census shows that a decade of mass immigration helped mask the scale of decline in Christian affiliation among the British-born population – while driving a dramatic increase in Islam, particularly among the young.

The secular engineers have long hoped for the dissolving and weakening of Christianity so that a world based on natural facts instead of belief in transcendent gods could be established. They felt if they could defeat Christian faith with scientific skepticism, they could reign in peace with all religious-minded men being subjected to their evolutionary philosophies. I stated in a previous article:

In our modern age, Christianity has lost its claim to the truth. Scientific inquiry and ideological diversity have given the irreligious skeptics leverage in laying claim to exclusive knowledge of the truth.

But now it would appear that their shining secular world is being supplanted by Islam, fed by their own engineered efforts to force secular multicultural ideas on Britons. It was declared wrong, almost a crime, for Christians to impose their religion on the irreligious, but it was acceptable for the irreligious to impose their sciences on the Christian. And now the irreligious are going to find Islam being forced on them. Without a strong, institutional, and dominant Christianity to counter the influence, they will not be able to stop the spread of Islam.

At some point in time, they will be forced to either convert or be excluded. The multicultural utopia they dreamed of, which was motivated primary by the desire for sexual liberation from Christian marriage, will be tossed aside.

This reflects a utopian idea held by the gay community. They are looking for a place where there is “no prejudice, no judgment” and “boundless freedom” … The sought after Gaytopia will be a safe haven for people of numerous sexual proclivities not accepted by a Biblical view of sexuality.

Feminism has a large role to play in this conversion to Islam. Ex-blogger Joseph of Jackson was excommunicated from his church for challenging sexual equality within his conservative denomination. He writes,

[I informed him] that our church was seeing a huge lack in the number of men willing to participate and that attendance was often sporatic for those who did come at all (myself included). I also pointed out that there was another religion that taught that men had a place of great importance and that women needed to remember their place. That religion was Islam and the number of young men signing up for its tenants were growing every year. I reminded them that unless we want the church to fade out completely, we need to teach the young men how be actual men and not “guys”.

I argued that the acceptance of sexual liberation manifested in the phenomenon of “gay marriage” is another path that will bypass the secular engineered world and lead to Islam:

Once marriage has been completely reframed from the one man / one woman standard on the grounds of equal rights, there is no good reason to deny equal rights to those seeking marriages of more than two people, especially with secular states and not churches defining marriage … Modern Islam allows for limited polygamy. Given its uniqueness and the staunch seriousness of its practitioners, it may be the very religion to supplant Christianity and fill the empty void left by secularism while retaining the rights of polygamist marriages.

With gay feminists openly wanting to dismantle marriage altogether for open, multi-partner relationships, men and women will find themselves living empty, shallow lives and look toward Islam to fill that void.

If Christianity wants to get its legs backs and stand against Islam it needs to start with rejecting the fundamental conservative / liberal dichotomy and rediscover human inequality. From that point it can argue that a Christian culture should be dominant and that men should be authority over women and children. Some measure of ideological fundamentalism in Christianity may be needed to spark this and give its adherents strength to endure the secular denunciations such as “racism,” “sexism,” and “xenophobia.”


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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