The Feminist Lust To Be God

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) told a gathering at a campaign fundraiser earlier this month,

Our survival as a species is dependent on women taking charge.

Really? Let’s think about this.

The survival of a species depends on demographics. Essentially, there needs to be families having babies and raising responsible adults in order for a society to survive. Society loses people through illness, accident, crime, and old age. People die. There is something called a “replacement rate” that measures just how well the loss of people is being compensated by the birth of new ones. For the United States, replacement rates, even with mass immigration, is troubling.

But are women the saviors of the human race? No. Here’s why.

  • Feminists supports abortion, which is the termination of unwanted children (termed “fetuses” and “pregnancies”). This procedure kills the very children needed to replace the loss of population. A species that kills its own young will not survive.
  • Feminists reject marriage. Lesbian Masha Gessen openly admitted that marriage equality was a lie and that the goal was the complete annulment of marriage as an institution. Marriage is what binds a man to a woman in fidelity and love for the purpose of procreation and stable families.
  • Feminists reject sex. In a recent CNN commentary, biologist Aarathi Prasad argued for the use of technology to promote reproduction without sex and titled the article “… a liberating future.” Catering to single women and homosexuals, both of which cannot reproduce, is asinine since neither has any vested interest in large families.
  • Feminism is ideology of male hatred and female superiority. Without men, there can be no reproduction and yet feminists hate men and especially the male sex drive. Women forming families on feminist terms leaves little room for male sexuality and active procreation save for maybe one baby and that for sentimental reasons.

So why would Schakowsky declare that women are the ones to save the human species when women are being taught to liberate themselves from family, sex, and children? For thousands of years, it was men who married women, fathered sons and daughters, and who built the civilization that allowed the human species to survive.

And feminists hate that.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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