Teaching Boys That Boys Are Inferior

If it were an adult show for adult audiences, it might be considered dark humor. Most adults would choose to laugh or look at something else. However, the Hub has something coming out (literally) that is aimed at children.

The show is called SheZow. It is a cartoon about a twelve-year-old boy who utters the words, “You go, girl!” to transform into a female superhero called SheZow. Hub is a small network with an intended audience of two to eleven so it’s viewing field is small. This might be considered a move to stir controversy and attract viewers.

The problem is that children will be watching this. They may not understand the transgendered status in the same way as adults, but that is not to say they won’t take away some part of the message presented. In Changing Boyz 2 Girls, I showed how a very young boy watching a children’s show developed the idea that all boys are bad. A boy changing into a female will not be missed by young minds.

What thoughts will they develop from a plain boy transforming into a superhero girl?

The main character is called guy. He is young and the plain alter-ego of SheZow. In super-hero lore, the alter-ego is usually weak and ordinary, easily lost among the masses and usually incapable of doing heroic feats. So, the weak alter-ego is shed for the super hero inside, who is capable of heroic feats. In this story, the boy is the alter-ego, weak and incapable, but when he becomes a girl, it is she that is strong and beyond capable.

Real life boys cannot instantly summon girl moxie and get things done, but they can look at girls and assume that they, being boys, are weak and girls are the super heroes. Boys are weak, girls are strong.

The change from male to female will also give boys the idea that if they stop being boys they can be better. There is the case of Tommy who at the age eight began transitioning his sex into Tammy. To further escape their maleness, boys can get the idea that instead of being boys who have girlfriends, they should be boys who have boyfriends, like girls do. If they are not born that way, they can potentially be raised that way.

Political leaders have also declared the superiority of women as the superheroes of humanity.

Converting young boys into homosexuality (the gay lifestyle) while promoting women as superior to boys, the leftists are engineering a society of mothers and boys, devoid of men and fathers.

O My people! Their oppressors are children, and women rule over them. O My people! Those who guide you lead you astray and confuse the direction of your paths.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

6 thoughts on “Teaching Boys That Boys Are Inferior”

  1. “Converting young boys into homosexuality (the gay lifestyle) while promoting women as superior to boys, the leftists are engineering a society of mothers and boys, devoid of men and fathers.”

    I occasionally wonder if some small part of the reason for that is so a handful of wishy-washy guys can make themselves into alphas (relatively speaking) by dragging down all the competition. Schwyzer, for example.

  2. I would like to know more information on if there is a belief in school that boys are considered inferior today. I feel boys are falling behind due to much differential treatment beginning in infancy through adulthood to make them tough, but the more aggressive, less supportive treatment is creating higher average stress; lower social vocabulary; much lower communication skills; more social/emotional distance/fear of adults; and more activity for stress relief. I feel this whole array of poor treatment may be creating increasing failure among boys and more false stereotyping of boys as being less able. I wish I knew how teachers and others are viewing boys today. My friends will never mention this in public, but we have been taught for years now that boys are less able.

  3. I think there are two groups that are escaping here. I think one group may simply try to have obtain more protection or transgender from as early as say, two years old in which they may have felt very very insecure (in their gender) in their individual environment, by feeling some gross difference in protection, support, love, attention, etc. So for that group, they would be called transgender and not homosexual. They may escape but only to avoid those experiences they felt a very young age.
    That other group may stem from the first group, but in their case, they are seeking out other Males also.

    I feel both groups may have causes, not from overprotection, but from experience and/or modeling from some very acute differences in treatment at a very young age. I feel the belief boys should be strong allows much more aggressive treatment of Male children as early as one year of age to make them tougher. Could it be this very treatment on the most severe side coupled with much better treatment of say girls, mothers, and sisters may lead to more of those kinds of reactions. This could offer evidence of sociological causes and not genetics for at least transgendered persons.

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