Love And Not Marriage

If Cody Lee Johnson had only known ...
If Cody Lee Johnson had only known …

Fox News reports that Jordan, 22, is facing life in prison for murdering her 25-year-old husband, Cody, soon after they married. Her first act as his new wife was to push him off a cliff and then lie about his whereabouts. For what reason could she have for murdering her new husband?

She’d been telling people she knew she never wanted to be married, she just wanted to have a wedding, and that’s apparently what they were arguing about.

This is one of those moments where the decadent and privileged heart of so many American women is revealed in all its feminist-backed glory.

What Jordan wanted when she went through the marriage ceremony was not the vows of commitment and service to her husband under God, but rather a coronation establishing her status as royalty with her husband as her perpetual servant. It was the feelings of enthroned ecstasy and the overwhelming attention that drove her to accept his proposal and utter the words, “I do.” The husband, the vows, the idea of having sex with a man were all annoyances she simply was not willing to endure.

It does not say whether Jordan was a Christian or not, but it would not be surprising to learn she was part of a relevant, contemporary evangelical mega-church. In American churches, weddings are not between a man and his wife, but between a princess and her pet monkey.

This is why men must constantly dote on their wives with gifts and submit to her headship. It keeps her feeling those feelings. It may get to the point where a husband may have to pay for a new wedding every few years, to ensure his wife does not detonate the family in divorce court for “irreconcilable differences” …  or murder him.

Of course, it could be argued that Cody got off easy …


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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