Why Homosexuality?

Guess what. Christians find this insulting and offensive.

When Christianity meets homosexuality (read gay rights), the resulting rhetoric is explosive. However, the question is why this particular trend? Homosexuals make up a relatively small portion of the American population (at least outside of prisons), but they have clashed harder with the church than Socialists and Satanists.

Christianity has a standard for human sexuality called marriage. One man, one woman, monogamous for life. Deviations from that standard are considered pathology and sins against God. These include divorce, adultery, fornication (casual sex), and incest, among others. No one sin is considered worse than another. In fact, so serious is the sin of divorce that without special considerations it is considered the same as adultery. And as Paul wrote,

Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them (Romans 1:32).

Sexual sins are serious business within Christianity (or they used to be).

The primary reason that homosexuality is the go-to sexual sin for the modern, progressive culture is that it is so aggressively rebellious against Christianity.

Homosexuality, manifest and enshrined in the “gay lifestyle,” is openly and blatantly defiant of Christian marriage. While people divorce, and commit adultery, and have casual sex, there is still an air of politeness around it all. Divorce is considered a painful thing, adultery is quietly frowned up (especially when committed by men), and even casual sex is considered inferior to marriage. The church is asked to be forgiving of these failings of the human condition and the church complies. Divorced couples remarry into new unions, adultery committed by women is forgiven so that the union can heal (adultery committed by men is not), and fornicators are encouraged to make their sexual union honest by marriage.

Homosexuality, on the other hand, is held as completely acceptable. It is not even considered a sin before God. In fact, being against homosexuality is considered a sin, so sacrosanct is the lifestyle. Christians are experiencing the desecration of what is sacred to them celebrated loudly and proudly. There is no politeness toward Christianity in the gay crowd. There is a lack of apology from homosexuality, coupled with an active push to discredit and reject any Christian objection to it.

The desecration and defamation of Christian beliefs is becoming enshrined in law, ensuring future hostility towards the church. Homosexuality is, for all intents and purposes, a litmus test for the church’s convictions. Yet, another compromise in the face of such blatant defiance is tantamount to complete surrender on the issue of marriage. This is complicated by the fact that declarations of atheism are justified by the church’s refusal to accept homosexuality.

Christians are simply not going to back down on this issue, nor should they. Homosexuals and their atheist supporters will continually clash with that lack of compromise and will continually defy and attack Christians for their lack of compromise.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

2 thoughts on “Why Homosexuality?”

  1. Excellent piece, and the photo elicitated a visceral sense of disgust and hatred. It’s bad enough that they do what they do, but flagrantly waving it in our faces? Well, “hate” is the response.

    [In my experience, Christians from conservative churches can be extremely tolerant of homosexuals around them and usually are. And they do so even while the culture around increases in its intolerance of conservative churches, all because of this issue. – MM]

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