An Alternative Church Mission

In Pakistan, a historic church was attacked and dozens killed. In Kenya, a shopping mall was attacked and the dead are still being tallied. What these two events have in common is that they were perpetrated by militants of Islam against Christians.

In Sudan, slavery is fully practiced and Christians are the main source of slaves.  In China, Christians can face prison and torture while house churches and church buildings are regularly dismantled.

The question that comes to mind over these stories is what American Christians should do about it. The secular government has no vested interest in protecting Christians as a group since much of their rise in American culture was due to efforts that were deliberately anti-Christian. A religious people cannot turn toward and trust irreligious leadership for protection. What motivation would atheists have for protecting Christians besides personal gain?

If there is any will or desire to end the oppression, enslavement, and killing of Christians, part-time mission trips to share smiles, bibles, and Coca-Cola are not going to work. Perhaps instead of bringing American luxuries with their bibles, missionaries should bring tools of war, such as guns.

The issue of Christian pacifism is not common since it is assumed that war and violence of any kind is incompatible with Christianity. However, in a world where Christians still face violence for their faith, secular diplomacy may prove to be completely impotent.

American Christians have three possible responses to persecution suffered by Christians overseas. They can carry on and do nothing, they can provide material comfort, or they can bring to bear heavy military force to put an end to the persecution. Right now, the first two options seem to be most popular.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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