Boys Don’t Want Feminism

First, watch the video, then read the rest of the article:


The details of this boys home life are not included in this video, but point-blank questioning reveals he lives at home with a single mother. Judging by the fat rolls on her chin, she’s not exactly engaging in something useful and given that she’s on a day time talk show geared toward women like her, watching those shows while eating junk food and chatting on Facebook is probably her life.

The boy is not a troubled kid. There’s nothing wrong with him. He is a young boy rushing into the burgeoning years of manhood and desperately needs a male authority figure to guide him into being a man.

Of course, the female audience is just reveling in the drama because as a generation raised on feminism useless drama is all they find interesting. What they want the drill sergeant to do is scare the boy back into being submissive to his mother’s emotional needs so that he’s a perpetual nice little boy. They want the sergeant to be a white knight for the boy’s lazy, useless mother (his father may also be lazy and useless, but that does not excuse the same from women).

However, the drill sergeant does something the boy needs (even though being on the show make this drill sergeant a feminized white knight). He does not send the boy back to his mother with the admonition that his mother will take care of him until she can find him a daddy (she already chose his daddy and the consequences have already played out). He takes the boy into his masculine embrace and then leads him offstage, away from his mother and throngs of corrupting femininity. Unfortunately, at the end of the show, the boy probably went back home to his life and the white knight sergeant went back to his life, so it is doubtful anything was solved long-term.

Men in military service represent a distilled and focused version of the strength, courage honor that only men can provide. Boys know this and in a world of women running wild on feelings of empowerment they are desperate for something genuinely masculine. The acting out and violent behavior is the rage of desperation.

Young boys need men, need fathers. Feminist empowered women can never replace the power of genuine masculinity in a young boy’s life.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

2 thoughts on “Boys Don’t Want Feminism”

  1. Did you see the look on the mother’s face when the boy said, “I have no daddy”?

    She’ll deny it forever, but for just a minute there, she felt the shame of what she had done by consigning this poor boy to a life with no father. I felt hatred for her for a moment there, but I have surrendered that to God.

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