Missing The Obvious

I discovered this meme and was struck not only by the situation proposed, but the question asked:


On the left you have a dashing male character with a charming smile and a gun. Underneath him, you have a woman in a highly sexual performance. That was “Back Then.”

On the right you have a young female who is either in love or dazed and confused and underneath her, a smiling boy who looks he would be tons of fun for the young female. That is “Right Now.”

The question “What the !@#$ happened?” insinuates that Back Then was better than Right Now. Well, what did happen?

Back Then, you have men with masculine charm and strength, capable of violence, and with that masculinity, you have the women who are willing to make themselves sexually available to those men. Men were heroes who handled situations and took care of problems and women chose to give themselves sexually to these heroes because they were heroes. The name’s Bond, James Bond.

Right Now, you have women who are sexually unavailable (girls) and men who lack masculine strength (boys). They both function in a plutonic relationship as Best Friends Forever, though the girl is probably endued with magical abilities to handle situations and solve problems and has to rescue her cowardly best-boy-friend (it’s complicated) whenever bad things happen, kind of like this:


Two groups that have long fought against the heroic masculinity and sexualized femininity of Back Then are feminists and gays. The result is that Right Now, empowered-but-vulnerable women are teaming up with their asexual best-boy-friends (it’s complicated), making story-telling shallow and unrealistic.

That’s what the !@#$ happened.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

3 thoughts on “Missing The Obvious”

  1. Now this is just off the top of my head, but I think the real distinction between the left and the right is Shonen (written for boys) and Shojo (written for girls). Shonen is filled with boy stuff like long drug out fights that take 3 episodes to depict a 10 minute fight, whereas shojo has a romance (you know, girl stuff) take at least a season to let a romance actually go anywhere. Mermaid Melody let the heroine get the boy (who was a masculine type) at the end of the first season, but then gave him amnesia at the beginning of the second season, which wasn’t resolved until nearly the end of the second season. Sometimes they never let a romance be fulfilled lest they lose that relationship as story material. In shonen on the other hand, they are loathe to conquer a really good villian, lest they have to figure out a new one. You know the hero can’t fight a dead or reformed villian. I say that, but they sometimes resurrect dead villians. Just think about Vegita or that green guy in DBZ. (I haven’t watched very much of — I think — Outlaw Star, so I can’t comment on it. It didn’t make sense to me, maybe I came in the middle or something.)
    Now Kim Possible, does illustrate what you are saying, but it is American. The Japanese (including Anime) still encourage traditional sex roles (though Anime does seem to be pushing modernity compared to their society — I’m thinking especially CLAMP). Shojo does seem to promote girl power to some extent, but there is a limit. Akane is stronger than every boy in her school, except for her betrothed, Ranma. Dragging out the relationship is purely for the purpose of not killing the best plot line they have. Sailor Moon can conquer girl villians, but anytime there is a guy villian Tuxedo Mask steps in to effortlessly save the day. (The one apparent exception is due to American censors changing a gay villian into a girl — yay censors! Shojo does seem to like gay characters, I’m not sure if that is audience driven or activist writer driven.)

  2. Keep in mind that the woman in anime now is from a very violent and !@#$ed up anime about a survival game where a group of contestants have to kill each other with their diary’s that tell the future.The woman fawning or whatever over the boy is a yandere (a character who is so in love with the main protagonist that she would kill any who stand in her way)this woman is a Freaking psycho and is tough as balls . The boy in anime now he is basically a demon or whatever the reason to why he looks so un masculine is because he is a reduced version of his true self. (in which he is big and badass with power and stuff) Do some !@#$ing research about the anime your are about to insult before you say anything and don’t classify them under anime now as a lot of anime is different genre’s and styles from one another if you want a good !@#$ing masculine anime theres plenty like jojo’s bizarre adventure do some !@#$ing research

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