Robertson Runs Headlong Into Feminism

Preach it, brother!
Preach it, brother!

Phil Robertson has finally run into the stumbling block to his popularity that will not be ignored. He is rural and direct and it was only a matter of time before his loyalty to his faith would step on toes that Americans have become afraid to step on.

In an interview with GQ, he directly stated his views on human sexuality.

It seems like to me, a vagina – as a man – would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me.

As a result, he has been suspended indefinitely from appearing on Duck Dynasty.

Until now, he had made his faith known openly, including each episode closing with him leading his family in a dinner prayer. It is no secret that Phil Robertson is a Bible-based Christian. So why did his criticism of homosexuality cause such a heavy-handed response from the A&E network?

The identity known as “gay” and encapsulated in the acronym LGBTQ has become sacrosanct. Any criticism or rejection of it is essentially a legalized crime. It is the lynchpin that divides Biblical-based Christianity from generic secular Christianity and from secular mainstream in general.

Yet, there is something more to this than just defending homosexuality. There is a certain identity to the entire gay culture and it deliberately ignores sexuality for something more abstract and idealistic.

In my last post, I examined a meme criticizing the changes made to males and females in anime. The dismantling of dangerous masculinity and the sense of feminine sexuality it evokes in women (women falling in love in bad boys) has resulted in men without dangerous masculinity and women without feminine sexuality. Boys and girls, not men and women. This is stunted male and female maturity.

The most obvious and natural dividing line between childhood and adulthood is puberty. Once human sexuality comes to full fruition in boys and girls, they become men and women and the dynamics of life change dramatically. No longer can boys and girls run hand in hand through fields of prepubescent happiness. Sex has entered the picture. It makes boys interested in girls in whole new ways and draws a distinction between the two that cannot be erased. It is from this intense sexual reality that men pursue strength and danger and women seek feminine beauty and charm. Each is seeking to attract the other.

Feminism has waged a war in America against this burgeoning of adulthood in boys. They know what it means if boys become men. They become hunters and warriors. They become dominant and distinct from women. They become the source of protection and provision for women. They rise up and leave behind the benign boyhood that makes them “fun.”

The gay community is essentially an emotional basket meant to keep boys from become men. It allows adolescent boys to be consumed by the feminine emotions imposed on them and, through a heavy burden of guilt, to deny their natural masculinity and remain in their imposed position of subservience to women.

The reason for this is that the powerful, dominant woman is celebrated in feminist circles (despite their repeated use of the word “equality”) and to keep this idea alive the threat of masculinity must be extinguished. Feminism in public schools reflects the feminism at home and in the workplace, perpetuating the deliberate suffocation of masculinity, cutting off the natural adulthood that happens when a boy hits puberty. And this demand for perpetual boyhood has become the norm. Whenever a male is portrayed, there is a deliberate lack of masculinity in the images. For example:

Pajama manBut despite the social engineering males remain males and their natural sexuality remains fully intact. Since feminism has practically forbidden them from pursuing the feminine in women, which is natural, they turn toward each other for sexual fulfillment or become subservient, asexual partners to women who deliberately seek to avoid femininity, which is not natural. When Phil Robertson states plainly that a man should find a vagina more interesting than an anus, he throws aside the cloudy layers of language that mask the fundamental reality. Men who seek to have sex with men are going against nature.

Feminism remains an ideology of dominance by women over men and their greatest success to that end is in keeping boys from becoming men. Channeling them into the gay identity is a major tool to achieve that end. Phil Robertson was not punished for criticizing gays, though that is the given headline. He criticized something that feminists hold dear, the perpetual adolescent boy, which means he offended feminists, and they will not tolerate his adult manhood.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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