Ceasar Will Not Save America

The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar. – John 19:15

When I was an undergrad, I remember when former President Bill Clinton visited my college to campaign for his wife, Hillary, in 2007. What struck me was the intense fervor that the audience had. Nothing Mr. Clinton could say would have been wrong. I also noticed a ripple of fear when it came to the opposite party. It was simply a given that if a Republican won the office, the country would be doomed. The Democrat Party was considered pure and the Republicans corrupt and the empowerment of the Right would bring in a world of darkness. There would be weeping and gnashing of teeth by minorities, women, and gays.

Fast forward to 2012. Barack Obama is running for the Democratic Party. Conservatives everywhere are full of fervor for the Republican Party because it is the pure and noble opposition to the corrupt and evil Democrat Party. A small portion of Christians warn that Obama may be the infamous antichrist set to rule the world at the end of the age. And there is fear, fear that the progressive vision held by the Democrats will usher in a world of darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth by whites, Christians, the small business owner, and the wealthy.

All of it is political sound and fury and nothing is truly signified. The population is fighting culturally over having its own Caesar in power. For the right, it is the Caesar of Ronald Reagan and economic prosperity. For the left, it is the Caesar of Barack Obama and economic equality.

Hear the Christian say he has no king but Caesar.

Hear the pagan say he has no king but Caesar.

Now hear the words of the One who is and will always be the only king over planet earth.

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. – Matthew 6:24

The church in America has lost sight of its true king and has sided with the Caesars of the political world. Television and radio herald the greatness of these Caesars while pulpits with lights, cameras, and production become places where modern Pharisees and false prophets convolute the wisdom put forth by Christ and His kingdom.

If a Christian is to stop cheering for Caesar and return to the throne of Christ, he must first recognize that America has deeper problems than whether or not the economy is capitalist or socialist. He must face feminism. The notion of equality is the trunk of the tree of evil and money is the root.

From feminism comes divorce called independence, giving women the freedom to earn their own money.

From feminism comes adultery called sex-positive equality, giving women the freedom to sleep with men that will be generous with their money. This includes being paid as a porn star.

From feminism comes abortion called choice, giving women the freedom to not spend their money on children.

For the church, divorce, adultery, and abortion should be unacceptable, but as a long as it accepts equality between men and women, female sympathies will be the deciding factor instead of what Christ has decreed. Conservative churches criticize these things, but do they out of obedience to the enthroned Jesus or because the women of the church have decreed these things to be hurtful to their feelings and happiness while being quietly reserved as a necessary evil because men are evil? Right now, the answer is not all that clear.

America may soon elect its first female president. At that point, open calls for a matriarchal (female-oriented / female-dominated) society will begin, with equality becoming a political white wash to cover the desired inequality. The church will have to make a choice to either continue to seek a solution in Madam Caesar in Washington or return to a biblically modeled standard of Father and Sons, which runs completely counter to the emerging political and social culture that is rising to dominate America.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

8 thoughts on “Ceasar Will Not Save America”

  1. gynocentrism.com

    These sites debunk all of the feminist lies. Nevertheless – be forewarned. After researching these sites, you will never be the same. The patriarchy was created by gynocentrism and naive white knights. The patriarchy, naive white knights and gynocentrism have destroyed hundreds upon hundreds of millions of men’s lives. Throughout history – it has been men, not woman that have been oppressed. Feminists will attempt to debunk this fact by focusing solely on the men at the very top, all the while pretending that most men don’t live there. Don’t believe their lies.

    Thanks to the patriarchy, naive white nights, the lies of feminists and gynocentrism, women have become the new, entitled, narcissistic victim class.

    Tens upon tens of millions of men’s lives have been destroyed through marriage and no-fault divorce in the past 40+ years. Women know very, very well that marrying some naive fool is the equivalent of winning the lottery. They frequently brag to their friends over their divorce settlements and use their children as virtual handcuffs to enslave their former husbands financially. If a man fails to meet his financial obligations to his ex-wife, he’s imprisoned through misandric, naive white knight, feminist and gynocentric inspired laws – EVEN IF IT WAS THEIR WIFE’S ACTIONS THAT CAUSED THE DIVORCE. HUNDRED OF THOUSANDS of men, through divorce, learn this the hard way EACH AND EVERY YEAR. It’s critically important for men that know the truth to spread that truth so that others might learn. Through no-fault divorce, marriage has become the longest running, largest transfer of wealth from men to women in human history.

    If I can save just one naive schlep that happens upon sites like these from making the horrendous mistake of marrying, that’s a good thing. Marriage is not a panacea and, through divorce, has destroyed countless millions of men. If you don’t believe me, just ask some of the tens upon tens of millions of men that, since 1970, have had to learn this lesson the hard way.

    MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)
    MGHOW (Man Going His Own Way)

  2. @ExitedTheMatrix
    “The patriarchy was created by gynocentrism and naive white knights. The patriarchy, naive white knights and gynocentrism have destroyed hundreds upon hundreds of millions of men’s lives.”

    No. Ancient Israel, Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece were all patriarchies so was China. Please read your history

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