There Is No Matriarchy

Ladies, we are in charge!
Ladies, we are in charge!

I have been pondering why American Evangelical Christianity cannot recognize the matriarchy that is emerging all around them. Secular sources not only recognize it, but celebrate it. The idea of a society run and governed by feminine sensibilities is becoming quite popular.

The Evangelical Church holds to a complimentarian relationship between men and women, but that is merely accepting feminist equality while never using the terms “feminist” and “equality.” While claiming their doctrines are derived from scripture, they often overlook the obvious presence of male dominance their own religion is founded on.

Christianity is a historic religion and both its holy text and the God it declares are masculine. The Bible is a male-oriented text, written by men to men, guided by a divine Father through the authority granted to a divine Son. There is no way to soften this or smooth it over without ignoring the majority of what is presented.

The only reason I can conjure as to why the church refuses to see the matriarchy in its own pews and pulpits is that it expects a matriarchy to look and function like a patriarchy. They look for women in positions of power and authority to act like men in positions of power and authority, which feminism claims is bad.

If matriarchy is like what patriarchy is said to be, women would be expected to act violently against their husbands and rape their husbands when they wanted sex. That is supposedly what equality freed women from. Yet, because women are not violently beating their husbands or raping them in the bed (as patriarchal men were said to have beat and raped their wives), then it must be equality and not matriarchy.

An egalitarian mindset would explain this in secular and liberal circles, as men and women are both equal and essentially the same. But on the side of the aisle that claims that men and women are fundamentally different, it should be obvious that a matriarchy would not look like a patriarchy.

However, this issue will be out and in the open should America elect its first female president. While it may be a few elections away, the desire for such a feminist achievement is always there. With a female president, will her husband be equal to her or subservient to her authority, especially since other men in her cabinet will definitely be subordinate?

But what of women across the country? Will they view a female president’s authority over men as a sign of the new order of things? At such a point, it will be obvious to the evangelical church that women are running home, church, and country, but will church leaders be bold enough to actually say “Hey! Women are running home, church, and country!”


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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