The Fatal Flaw Of Secular Democracy

Christ's ThroneThe great experiments in Democracy, liberty for people, has been a success by most accounts. Authority from monarchs has been neutralized and the will of the people has become the deciding factor in the direction Western nations take. However, the secularization of Western democracies has a fatal flaw that will ultimately spell its doom.

Human civilizations have lived under some state of monarchy for much of history. Be it kings of the primordial world, the kings of Israel, the king of Babylon, Grecian thrones, the Caesars of Rome, and the kings and queens of England, monarchy has been a long established pattern of human government. Democracy is the attempt to eliminate that pattern for a new pattern, one where the many rule themselves instead of the many ruled by one. The secularization of democracy solidifies this into a movement of complete human autonomy.

A secular arrangement requires a worldview that is either deist or atheist in its concept. The existence of a transcendent God presents a problem if that God is moral and carries out judgment on humans who violate that His morality. Mankind’s independence requires that God not exist or that God not be involved in man’s affairs.

A third concept holds that God does exist and God is involved in the affairs of man, but He is permanently and perpetually benevolent, never negative in his morality (prohibition through law) and never passing judgment (punishment). It is man who then becomes moral in the negative and judgmental and being so makes him inferior to God, who is not. In such a state, God is ultimately nothing more than high idealism or emotional comfort since it is man who must do the dirty work of tackling his own problems. Given that God is either unwilling or incapable, God becomes irrelevant and man is left to himself to rule himself in autonomy.

The one problem man is then left to do without God is face the problem of evil. He must not only decide for himself what is good and what is evil, but must decide what to do about evil. God remains a high idea and a great comfort in man’s efforts to be like God, to be perpetually good and never evil, but it is the hands of man and not God that get dirty. The fundamental pride in humanist autonomy is that man is both capable of identifying evil and dealing with it, without need for God.

Declaring that man and God are partners working together in relationship for the same goal, the promotion of good, solves nothing. If God will not prohibit behavior (law) and judge violators (punishment), then it falls on man to do so. The presence of God is irrelevant based simply on the fact that He is impotent.

Given that man did not create himself, his existence is entirely because of the will of his creator, God. Thus, man is both dependent on and answerable to the One who created him. This removes any possibility of man ruling himself.

Modern democratic movements operate on the concept of man living without any ruling authority, either in this universe or outside this universe. The masses of people are heralded as heroes whenever they rebel against any authority that might affect their lives. For the past one hundred years, the secular democratic movement has allowed citizens to defy their families, churches, and governments, any symbol of authority, for the sake of individual liberty.

Christianity holds there is one God, manifested in the man Jesus Christ, who is now sitting in a position of monarchical authority over the material universe. The affairs of man are under the whim and will of His throne. Christ is not the babe swaddled in a manager, but a man sitting on a throne given to him by God, the only monarch by divine right to have ever existed.

Under this absolute rule, men build democracies, seeking to grant liberty and justice for all. There is no shame in such efforts and it could easily be argued that God promotes such efforts today as He did in the past. Yet, as they grow confident in the works of their hands, they are forgetting the God who made man’s minds, hearts, and hands. They are forgetting that they are clay in the hands of the Grand Potter. It would do political leaders well to visit tombs and graves and see the final end of all men, small and great.

Western democracy has been a great comfort and achievement for fallen man, but if he should forget to fear the wrath of God and fear the judgment of His Christ, then he all that he has built will be taken from him.

The only rational way to have a successful democracy is to have it dominated by Christianity, a moral religion that points toward a divine monarch, whose authority makes null and void any and all other claims of greatness. Secularization and the cultural neutralizing of Christianity by other religions reflects the great temptation of Eden. Man seeks to be like God, knowing good and evil for himself, autonomous and justified in his own magnificence.

This may lead to the final end of the democratic effort and its ultimate downfall. Man simply was not made to rule himself. Instead of fighting wars to spread secular democracy around the world, perhaps the goals of “Christian” nations should be to promote acknowledgement of the throne of Christ.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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