The Donald Sterling Light

Donald-SterlingDonald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, was banned from participation in NBA events and fined two and a half million dollars. What did he do? According to CNN,

The inflammatory sentiments Silver referred to came packaged in a 10-minute recording that TMZ said occurred during an April 9 conversation between Sterling and girlfriend V. Stiviano … On the recording, a man and woman argue about photos posted to Instagram in which she appears with African-Americans. The man says he doesn’t want the woman bringing any black people to games with her.

Mr. Sterling said, in a private conversation made public, that he did not want the woman with black men while at Clipper games. For that statement and the ideas behind it, Sterling has been blacklisted and socially shunned.

Here are some observations:

  • Sterling’s statements may be rude and impolite, but they are his thoughts and opinions. He did not murder anyone, rape women, or embezzle people’s salaries.
  • Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, stated “I hope that every bigot in this country sees what happened to Mr. Sterling and recognizes that if he can fall, so can you.” This blanket threat sets a precedent for punishing people based purely on their beliefs and opinions.
  • The left have long decried being forced to conform their thoughts and opinions to the conservative culture and have sited Joseph McCarthy as the highest symbol of being persecuted. Now they seem quite comfortable with forcing others to conform thoughts and opinions to their culture.
  • Racism is included with sexism and heterosexism, in the progressive culture, meaning that everyone in the conservative culture in America is fair game for being ostracized and punished for not conforming to minority rights, feminism, and gay rights.
  • Sterling is on the same list as Cliven Bundy.
  • Spying on “bigots” and exposing them for punishment is an acceptable tactic.
  • The Christian axiom of “judge not” so often used against conservatives will now fall on deaf ears.

Understand, Sterling was not merely criticized for his remarks and looked down on. He was banned from an entire organization and fined. This incident shines light on the fact that the Progressive culture is waking up to the very reality they thought they were escaping. If they want their ideal culture to be free from the big “-isms”, “racism,” “sexism,” and “heterosexism,” they are going to have limit free speech and punish those who will not conform.

The new world still looks like the real world. Citizens should be careful what they say and believe and not assume they have freedom of speech and thought.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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