A False Cloak Of Virtue

Satan can be a Christian, too.

CNN recently reported that the Pope has officially ex-communicated members of the Italian Mafia. The Pope declared

Those who in their life have gone along the evil ways, as in the case of the Mafia, they are not with God, they are excommunicated.

No Christian is his right mind would honestly say that the Pope was being unloving and intolerant. There are not going to be calls for Mafia rights or mobster equality. No civil rights groups are going to call the Pope “Mafiaphobic” and “intolerant.” Excommunicating the Mafia will not be seen as “hate.”

What is so provocative about this is the reality of how the Mafia has integrated itself into the Catholic Church.

The Pope’s remarks will resonate strongly in this part of southern Italy, where the Mafia attempt to portray themselves as upstanding religious men in good rapport with the Catholic Church, in order to maintain local credibility.

The Mafia could care less about Church teaching or the long-held doctrines that constitute its orthodoxy, its fundamental beliefs. They have chosen to defy Church authority and simply wrapped the cloak of Christianity around their lifestyle so that the surrounding culture, being dominated by Catholic teachings, does not see them as the barbarians they are.

The same can be said for feminists and homosexuals. Even though Christianity has held throughout its history a patriarchal view of family and church, feminists have defied Christian teaching and pushed for equality in the church. Following that defiance the homosexuals have shunned centuries of teaching and fought for the right have homosexual parings recognized as legitimate Christian unions.

If these twin pillars of equality were merely aspects of a completely secular State opposed to Christianity, then this would be little more than the natural conflict between worldviews and the resulting cultures. What has happened, though, is that feminists and homosexuals have declared their views fully legitimate and demanded that their desire for a Christian identity be acknowledged and fulfilled by Christianity.

Most conservative Christians who divorce or commit adultery (it could be argued the divorced do commit adultery) admit that what they have done was in defiance of church teaching. Though they are as worthy of excommunicating, they at least admit that divorce and adultery are sins in the eyes of God. Feminists and homosexuals will not even admit that.

Like the Mafia of Italy, feminists and homosexuals seek to “… portray themselves as upstanding religious men in good rapport with the Catholic Church, in order to maintain local credibility.”

In excommunicating the Italian Mafia, the Pope shows the Christianity is still capable of defending God’s declarations on matters in direct and clear ways. The fact that it has not done so in terms of divorce and adultery and has accepted at its altar feminists and homosexuals reveals Christianity is not compassionate, but merely cowardly.

Worse still is that feminists and homosexuals, having now secured legitimacy through claiming identity with Christianity may one day turn and prosecute those Christians who will not accept their legitimacy. They will not care about Christianity, but will use the State to excommunicate from society those Christians that will not accept their lifestyles.

And for the record, the thorn of this issue is less about feminism and homosexuality, which are issues in and of themselves. In a purely secular setting, with ideas emerging from irreligious schools of thought, feminism and homosexuality can be openly be accepted as a secular culture has no prohibitions against such things. It is the attempt to take secular ideas and claim they are rooted in Christianity that assails the church. It is using Christianity to promote ideas that are obviously in violation in Christianity that is so egregious.

The left understands what they are doing. In 2005, a Pennsylvania court forbid the teaching of Intelligent Design along with Evolution in classrooms. The outcry was that ID was Creationism masking itself as a scientific theory. In other words, Christianity was accused of trying to wrap itself in a cloak of naturalistic biology to call itself “scientific.” The secular world drew a clear line between what was science and what was religion and forbid religion to call itself science (even though ID is essentially agnostic). Christianity has been, for all intents and purposes, ex-communicated from calling itself scientific. This happened while the political-paganism of feminism and homosexuality were not forbidden to call itself Christian.

It should also be noted that if Christianity were to simply disappear from society, feminists and homosexuals would continue on as they are, simply adopting some other form of spirituality. The church’s demise is of no consequence to them because they are not, fundamentally, Christian.

Christianity is being used as a tool by non-Christian forces who desire to ingratiate themselves into a culture that is dominated by Christianity, the same thing the barbaric Mafia attempted with the Catholic Church. If there is a prayer that should be on the lips of those who love the Church (Catholic or Protestant), it is that the cloak of “Christian” be ripped off to reveal the devil underneath.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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