Thoughts On The Hobby Lobby Case

I imagine a man who gets up in the morning and begins his day in prayer. With a Bible and a rosary, he prays and sets in his mind clearly what he believes and values. He dresses and goes to work. This man is a small business owner and has several stores in his chain and several employees.

The government issues a mandate that guarantees that a woman will have various contraception medication available to her without cost. Required to carried the financial burden is not the government who produced the mandate, but private employers. Among these contraception medicines is one that induces a miscarriage, or abortion, of a pregnancy that is mere days along.

The man has strong convictions about abortion, based on his religious beliefs concerning family and sex, and does not accept abortion. He has been informed that he must use the fruits of his labor to pay for women to use abortion-inducing medication. His conscience will not allow him to use funds he has worked for to support an action that violates his deepest beliefs.

The secular government says he must support a woman’s access to abortion using his funds in direct violation of his religious convictions. So he goes to the US courts to challenge the mandate. The secular voice says that a woman’s right to abortion-inducing medication is a health and legal issue and no one should deny a woman access to that medication. The religious voice says that abortion is a moral issue and no individual should be forced to violate his conscience.

Modern secular rights are in conflict with historical religious convictions.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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