Feminism Is As Destructive To Women As It Is To Men

Sweet Briar College, an all-female college in Virginia, is closing. While higher education in America has become so meaningless as to make this a good thing, there is irony here.  In the past, young men and women were segregated from each other in education. The advantage was the same reason Nikolai Tesla never married. However, Feminism fought to give women the right to go to college along side men, eliminating the need for single-sex colleges.

When Sweet Briar opened in 1906, many of the nation’s top schools remained closed to women. But since the ’90s, women have been enrolling in college at higher rates than men — a gap that’s continued to grow. And it’s had an impact on women’s colleges.

Yet, even female students admit that a single-sex education for women can be beneficial. 19-year-old sophomore Christina Seay says,

Teachers, professors in particular, can be sexist and when you remove boys from the situation, you got more support.

While her reasoning is typical of the feminist idea that women are morally superior to men, she does recognize what men have known throughout the history of Western Civilization: the opposite sex can be a distraction. The reason why the benefits of single-sex education have been lost is because feminism fought against them.

Perhaps feminists see a bigger picture on the horizon. As female enrollment continues to outpace male enrollment at public institutions, they may see a day when most colleges have single-sex education, though they would include gays since gay males are not “men” in the modern, “sexist” meaning, but rather fellow feminists.

In their eyes, this would provide a safe world for women where they can explore their full potential without having to deal with the “sexism” that comes from men.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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