Some Thoughts On Regaining Western Marriage

The secular world has killed marriage as it has been known through the long history of Western Civilization. It will never be engaged in any meaningful way again by a culture that has essentially thrown off the shackles of sexuality. Marriage was never the goal of achieving “marriage equality.” The goal was to do away with marriage and its limitations as an institution for the fluid and feelings-based concept of “love.” God is no longer needed and neither is His marriage.

If those Christians who are still interested in preserving marriage have any hope of regaining ground within their own churches, they will need to recover two important ideas.

First is the permanence of marriage. The Western Church has always, in some fashion or form, recognized the union between one man and one woman was not to be broken save for infidelity or death. Adultery was once a crime and divorce once brought social shame. Both of these broke marriage, violating the permanence. The filth and farce that is called “gay marriage” did not destroy marriage. It is the decadent celebration of the institution of marriage being burned to the ground.

Second is the hierarchy in marriage. Men and women cannot be equal and be married. Marriage and equality of the sexes are at stark odds with each other and cannot be reconciled, no matter how much “love” greases the grinding gears of two people pulling opposite directions and expecting the other to follow. Male headship has long been assumed to the be solution to this conflict. It is obvious that men and women are different and both will have different goals for the family. To make men and women equal in marriage is to ensure endless conflict until one spouse either gives in or leaves.

It is interesting to note that while Western marriage has been destroyed for the cause the sexual democracy, it is being remade. Only it looks quite different from what marriage once was.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

One thought on “Some Thoughts On Regaining Western Marriage”

  1. Agreed. I think Christians have to give up any hopes of using ridiculous constitutional amendments or other such chicanery to try and re-install traditional marriage. It isn’t going to happen. Instead, turn focus inwards and focus not only on battering away attempts to liberalize our religion, but to also reboot opposition to divorce and other such evils with a new furor.

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