Magical Atheist Dust

In response to the new found rape culture that has been established in Germany by Arab and African immigrants, German officials have created a series of signs and memes meant to publicly instruct the immigrants on how to be civilized.

Dont touch

Don't fight

The absurdity of this is obvious. Europe was already full of civilized men until Christendom was dismantled and replaced by atheism, with all of its lusts for equality and the dream of heaven on earth without heavenly things. Civilized culture has replaced civilized men with domesticated pets for when women need manual labor or sperm donation.

Of course, these nice guys that Euro-feminists love have proven to be so utterly ineffective in protecting women from sexual assault that women are told, in a strange mix of feminism and sexism, to protect themselves.

These memes and signs beg the question. If the immigrants are not naturally civilized toward the opposite sex, why would a government allow them in en mass to threaten its women?

The answer is simple. The European atheists believe in magic. They believe that if these immigrants come in contact with the soil of European secular culture, it will magically convert them to civilized knights in exotic, dark armor that will replace the shrinking population of weak German Christian men whom were long ago stripped of their shiny European armor.

And they say only the Christians are primitive and superstitious.

This all stems from the materilist view that humans are merely evolutionary products of their environment and by manufacturing better environments through social engineering, humans can evolve into better people. So, by transplanting Arabs and Africans from their uncivilized, religious cuilture to the Socialist culture of the European atheist, the natural forces of engineered evolution will magically do the work of transforming the barbarian into a civilized man.

Of course, that assumes that the magic culture can stop the barbarians from burning it to the ground.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

3 thoughts on “Magical Atheist Dust”

  1. I wouldn’t say this is necessarily related to atheism, it is more a general consensus among the Left intelligentsia. Aleksandr Dugin had an interesting theory on the Modern Liberal, that in the wake of the collapse of Nazism and Marxism, it absorbed elements of both. A godless desire for absolute equality from the Soviet Union, and a very subtle racial supremacy from the Third Reich, that is a cultural racial supremacy which believes in the universality and applicability of ‘white’ culture to other peoples. For however much they denounce the colonial era, this is essentially the colonial view. Magically, we will civilize other peoples because we are naturally superior, tolerant, progressive, enlightened, scientifically informed, wonderful! Other people want to be like us of course!

    It is not the case. They want to turn ethnic minorities into whites, likely so that they can finally do away with actual whites, but those of foreign ethnicities will never truly be white. It is impossible. They will act as what they are, and that is what we see in Cologne.

    1. First off, I enjoy Citadel Foundations.

      I believe that godlessness, not needing God, is the root of what motivates much of European thought. They believe themselves naturally superior, tolerant, progressive, enlightened, scientifically informed, wonderful because they have stepped into godlessness, as if they are above something as petty as belief. And they truly believe that (wink).

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