The Progressive Plague

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After a decade of living within an intense Protestant faith, I decided to convert to the Roman Catholic Church. I have doubts concerning some of its doctrines, dislike many of the things Pope Francis has said as well as the ambiguous way the Church says things, and still harken for a type of hedonistic atheism that would allow me to do what the hell I want, but at the end of the day, I believe having a structured religion is the best way to express my faith. There is no more structured Christianity than what is found in the Roman Catholic Church.

But I am discovering that the Catholic Church has its own fair share of the Progresive sickness. During Mass, prayers are offered to end racism, sexism, and bigotry. Prayers are offered in remembrance of our Muslim brothers and sisters who are seeking a better life in Europe. All war is evil, etc., etc.

As I go through the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults), I am constantly reminded to take scripture as myth, look for the “real Jesus,” and to stand against racism, sexism, militarism, and nationalism (those are actual terms used). While some discussion is given over to the sacraments, the main purpose is to be on a “faith journey” that may take years while I try to “know Jesus.”

Of course, it all is ambiguous language masking the true intent. I am expected to be a Progressive who attends Catholic Mass. In fact, I learned my local parish is actually working to hinder orthodox / traditionalist Catholics in its midst. After being with my parish for two years and studying the church for that long, I am being denied Confirmation this Easter because the leader of the RCIA feels I am in a different place in my faith journey. I would say there is too much conservatism in me for their tastes.

It might seem a better option to join a conservative denomination, like Southern Baptist or Calvinist Presbyterian or Missouri Synod Lutheran. However, the evangelical Baptists are infected as well as the Calvinists and the Lutherans. Every church has, in small ways, adopted some aspects of the Progressive zeitgeist.

The best thing to do in these dark ages is to take a stand and weather the storm. I am continuing my push for Confirmation as well as repairing other aspects of my life in preparation for the day. Such is the plight of a man in the modern world. I’ve been fighting the Progressive Juggernaut for over a decade and this is just another battle ground.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

9 thoughts on “The Progressive Plague”

  1. I had a similar problem myself during my RCIA with the liberal nun who ran it. She seemed not to know anything more than I did about the church. I confided the problem to a friend, my boss at work, and he said to come see the priest at his Parrish, which was not very much farther away. I did that, and the old Irishman let me join his class midway through, and continue on to confirmation without delay. No problems at all, after that.

  2. “I am being denied Confirmation this Easter because the leader of the RCIA feels I am in a different place in my faith journey.”

    I find this utterly disgusting. The man has no shame!

    1. It is actually a nun, but the disgust is just as warranted. Fortuantely, I have advocates and through a traditional parish I may still be confirmed this Easter. I will be changing parishes this year to be sure.

    2. Why would you find this disgusting? I don’t know the reasons why the RCIA leader denied him confirmation, but I would have done the same if I was in his place. This is based only on reading anti-Marian posts from earlier this year, while he was supposedly preparing for confirmation.

      1. Delaying confirmation has actually proven to be a good thing. The Marian articles I wrote earlier reflected my struggles with those particular doctrines. Many of these struggles have worked themselves and I am deliberately delaying confirmation until next year to be sure I have fully worked through any remaining problems.

        Also I have switched parishes and the one I attend now is much more orthodox than the one I left.

  3. Welcome to the Catholic Church! Unfortunately all churches are a bit of a mess but this is not a cause for despair. Please do though find a better parish. I understand this is not always easy but if you have any chance start attending an SSPX, FSSP or ICKSP parish.

  4. I have been reading reactionary based blogs and authors for a while after high school, and then stumbled upon traditional catholic teachings and I was taken in and became a voracious reader because I was impressed with the powerful arguments and logic of the church, and it’s harsh criticisms of the evil ideology of modernism and liberalism.
    Of course, I knew that then next step was to become baptized and converted to the faith, but I was under no delusions or false hopes. The worthless RCIA programs were extremely modernist, run by feminists and people ignorant of the faith where I was more knowledgeable about catholicism than than the catholics themselves! Of course, in such a dark age no institution is exempt from the corruption of progress.
    There are so many men and women who have been disillusioned by all the lies and nihilism of modernity, and yet there is no outlet or group for them to find content and call home. There will be hell to pay for all those cowards and traitors who have turned their back in favor for the world and the empty sloganneerings of the zeitgeist.
    Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, and for that I give them credit. They are unapologetic in their faith and dogmas, and would fight to the death to defend and push their faith. Modern Christianity appeals to washed-up single mothers and effeminate fatherless men who fight for “anti-racism” and “free-speech.”
    You and I are not alone brother.

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