When Equality Cries Foul

Good ol’ boys … uh … girls club.

So, a boy who self-identifies as a girl joins the all-girl track and field team, wins fifth place in one event and third in another, and takes all-state honors. However, the response from the girls turned out to be less than supportive.

“I’m glad that this person is comfortable with who they are and they’re able to be happy in who they are, but I don’t think it’s competitively completely 100 percent fair,” Hutchison High School senior Saskia Harrison told a local CBS affiliate.

Stephanie Leigh Golmon Williams, a mother, said Nattaphon’s wins were “not fair and it is not right for our female athletes.”

“We have a responsibility to protect our girls that have worked really hard, that are working towards college scholarships,” she said.

Now that the ultimate outcome of Title IX equality has come, allowing girls to compete with boys on a level track and field, the girls are not happy about it.

Everyone loves the idea of boys and girls being equal on equal terms. They love the idea that a boy would self-identify as one of them and that there is no “hate” or “discrimination.” That is until the girls lose and then suddenly, the fact that the winning girl is actually a boy makes a big difference.

It’s okay for a boy to self-identify as a girl and compete as a girl and use the girls’ restrooms, but at the end of the day, a transgender boy is still a boy, and he is expected to lose. Girls rule, boys drool and all that. A male can pretend to be a female and all is well, as a long as real women always come first.

And thus the complicated and ambiguous politics of feminist equality continue to play out.



Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

2 thoughts on “When Equality Cries Foul”

  1. Perhaps I have just become a bit callous to this whole debacle of “equality”, but I say let the girls compete in every sport with/against the boys. When it becomes obvious they cannot compete on the same level as men, they will begin to protest that women need to have their own leagues because it isn’t fair that they’re competing against men.

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