Here Come The Narrative

This was inevitable. As the American election cycle comes out, something like this had to happen. It just had to. Hillary is in real danger of losing the race for President to Donald Trump, who may not be a friend to conservatives, but is definitely no friend of liberals.

So, here is a new film coming out this summer called Imperium. It tells the story of a young FBI agent who goes undercover into a white supremacist group who is planning to commit acts of terror. In the trailer a single scene sums up what the film makers want to say and what a young, liberal audience wants to hear.

Imperium capture (2)
White men who believe in God are evil! Evil I tell you!

In this single snapshot from the trailer, posted below, the entire narrative of the left is revealed. They have their enemy and know who their enemy is.

On the wall are two pictures. One of Jesus, one of Hitler. Notice that it is not a picture of Pat Robertson or even Fred Phelps (the late founder of Westboro Baptist Church) next to Hitler. It is a picture of Jesus, but not just any picture of Jesus. This is a Catholic image of what Catholics call The Sacred Heart of Jesus. The implication is that the terrorist group is not just a small splinter group that claims to be Bible believers, but this right-wing American group is the face of all of Christendom, from historical Europe to modern day America. To believe in Christ is to believe in Hitler.

And the main villain is not just a white guy. He’s buff with a shaved head and beard. He looks masculine. He looks like he works out or maybe lifts heavy things, like guns and ammo. Maybe he’s military. He goes to church and probably believes in entrepreneurial business, as opposed to Jewish-run Socialism. He is the face of Neo-masculinity.

Poor Daniel Radcliffe. He’s small, metro-sexual, lacks confidence, and will probably have an emo episode at some point, like Kylo Ren.

Imperium capture (3)
I need Feminism Because I …

This is the left reassuring their people that old school Americans, those who still believe in God, in men, and in good old-fashioned liberty, are the true threat to years of grand noble efforts to save the planet for world peace. The message to the progressive movement, as violence in the name of Islam tears apart their promises of perfect tranquility through diversity and equality, is don’t stop believing. Belief in God still causes terrorism. Masculinity still causes terrorism. Patriotism still causes terrorism. Heterosexual marriage causes terrorism. White male privilege causes terrorism. Church, men, private property, they are all cause terrorism and terrorism destroys the planet. They are all evil and here is the proof.

It will be interesting to see just how the story is presented when the movie comes out, but no doubt at least some of these ideas will be present.

Social Justice Warriors in Hollywood cannot help themselves. To them, this is the way they see the world.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

One thought on “Here Come The Narrative”

  1. Looks like satire. Radcliffe is such an insufferable dishrag someone needs to put his career out of its misery. Still, might be fun to write some commentary on. The big boogeymen waaaycis terrorists are a real big threat to the public right now, just ignore the Ahmeds and Abdullahs arriving by boat.

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