Sex! Sex! Sex!

The political issue that matters most to America.

Donald Trump talked about grabbing women in the biscuit. The left are up in arms about the lack of respect women get, especially the first potential female president. There’s talk of rape culture and secret sexual liaisons.

I posted on Facebook:

Feminism has spent a century and more fighting to liberate women from the expectations and limitations of Christian marriage and chastity. And now they are appalled that men have responded by seeking the same liberation.

Men and women are free from any sexual morals. Feminists are obsessed with sex and have always been obsessed with sex. Sex is power for women. Men are addicted to porn and feminists want to abolish puberty.

Game of Thrones ruins its great tale with sex.

Miley Cyrus (pictured above). Need I say more?

The Enquirer publishes the headline about Hillary’s secret sex affairs.

Americans seem to only care about sex, the freedom to have it or the need to protect women from it.

What of all this talk of possible nuclear war with Russia?

That’s just a tin foil hat conspiracy theory. It’s got to be.


A Feminist Infection

I am a Christian feminist! Hear me roar!

In serious of previous articles, I examined the teachings of the Catholic Church and leveled against them very harsh criticism. You can read those articles, here, here, and here. I also talked about how progressive influences were prevalent in the process of introducing people to the Catholic Church.

The Church holds that faith and reason go hand in hand and one should not be separated from the other. So I revisited those articles and reexamined them through my faith and using my reason. I have yet to join the Church and should I at the last minute refuse to do so based on its teachings of Mary I needed to make sure that my rejection is not based on some emotional or psychological thorn.

Unfortunately, there is a thorn and its name feminism.

In each article, I am essentially wrestling with the core idea that Mary is equal to, or even greater than, Jesus. Part of this is because the Roman Church has put into place prayers and liturgy that allow such an idea. But it is also because I have been infected with feminist thought.

The great curse of feminist culture is that a man steeped in its aggressive and bitter grip comes to see everything as a promotion of women and the demotion of men. Though he may take the red pill and fight feminist thought, it still clouds his mind and emotions, preventing him from seeing life clearly.

I believe this is why I have such a strong reaction to the Church’s Marian doctrines. Though I have taken the red pill and am working on remodeling my life accordingly, the infection still lingers, though the fight against it is slowly being won.

If I am to examine the teachings and ideas of the Roman Church before deciding to finally commit, it needs to be done through the patient work of faith and reason and not the painful confusion that is feminism.

That said, though, Catholicism appears so weak and emasculated right now, much like the Western Civilization it was once helped to build. And the other options look infected as well.