A Feminist Infection

I am a Christian feminist! Hear me roar!

In serious of previous articles, I examined the teachings of the Catholic Church and leveled against them very harsh criticism. You can read those articles, here, here, and here. I also talked about how progressive influences were prevalent in the process of introducing people to the Catholic Church.

The Church holds that faith and reason go hand in hand and one should not be separated from the other. So I revisited those articles and reexamined them through my faith and using my reason. I have yet to join the Church and should I at the last minute refuse to do so based on its teachings of Mary I needed to make sure that my rejection is not based on some emotional or psychological thorn.

Unfortunately, there is a thorn and its name feminism.

In each article, I am essentially wrestling with the core idea that Mary is equal to, or even greater than, Jesus. Part of this is because the Roman Church has put into place prayers and liturgy that allow such an idea. But it is also because I have been infected with feminist thought.

The great curse of feminist culture is that a man steeped in its aggressive and bitter grip comes to see everything as a promotion of women and the demotion of men. Though he may take the red pill and fight feminist thought, it still clouds his mind and emotions, preventing him from seeing life clearly.

I believe this is why I have such a strong reaction to the Church’s Marian doctrines. Though I have taken the red pill and am working on remodeling my life accordingly, the infection still lingers, though the fight against it is slowly being won.

If I am to examine the teachings and ideas of the Roman Church before deciding to finally commit, it needs to be done through the patient work of faith and reason and not the painful confusion that is feminism.

That said, though, Catholicism appears so weak and emasculated right now, much like the Western Civilization it was once helped to build. And the other options look infected as well.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

11 thoughts on “A Feminist Infection”

  1. Perhaps I could recommend a book to you to help with some of your difficulties. It’s called: Treatise on True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Monfort. He places Mary in her proper role of being beneath Jesus yet higher then all other created beings.

    It’s a wonderful book full of many Catholic truths concerning our proper relationship to Jesus through devotion to her.

    Fair warning though, he speaks many difficult truths that may be hard for the non-Catholics to swallow. It’s best read in small doses and meditated upon before delving deeper into its contents.

    Hope this helps.

  2. As a Methodist of Puritan extraction I felt a smug superiority in High School. I often heard older Catholics say they were still Catholic, but that the Church had left them. I am humbled. My church has swerved left and feminist fast enough to shake off all the members who weren’t hanging on for dear life. Including me.

    The first step that struck me was equal time in referring to God the Father as ‘A Good Baker Woman.’

    The last striking change before I quit paying attention was the subversion of a rather large church fund established for the assistance of single women to help with the birth of their children to supporting abortion clinics.

    By that time I was struck well enough, thank you.

  3. If I might be allowed to comment, although I don’t much about yourself, I do know something about the Traditional Catholic postions, and it seems from your posts on Our Lady, that Feminism might have actually biased you against Tradition (at the time of writing those posts; please correct me if I’m wrong). You see, Common Human Dignity aside (St. Bellarmine is an excellent source on this), Catholic tradition has held that Women are in a very real sense superior to Men, which is why Men govern and protect. Man’s (the male’s) dignity (leaving aside not derive from common Human nature) is given to him for his actions, but Woman has in herself another kind of natural dignity and nobility, as she is a purer reflection of beauty and the good, and because she more directly participates in God’s creation of new personal life, and that life is in its beginning dependent on her. This is why (according to the Catholic Tradition) a wife submits to her husband, because the husband sees in the wife something more worthy than himself that needs protection and guidance, and she sees in him that he has her ultimate good deepest at heart. This is what is partly behind the real meaning of the Chivalry of the High Ages, and it is not a demotion of man because by his humble service he is greatly ennobled.

    1. The Hapsburg Restorationist wrote:

      You see, Common Human Dignity aside (St. Bellarmine is an excellent source on this), Catholic tradition has held that Women are in a very real sense superior to Men, which is why Men govern and protect.

      If I may be permitted also to comment, it is not very clear what HR is referring to when he refers to Catholic tradition holding Women superior to Men. I have my own suspicions that such references are the fruit of an unhealthy appeasement to feminism in this current epoch of the life of the Church.

      1. HR:

        It is nothing of the kind. This very real Tradition is evident in all ages of the Church’s teaching of the Truth.

        It would be interesting to me to see what Church Fathers you appeal to to support your assertion that this is what Catholic tradition generally upholds. My (admittedly dilettantish) knowledge of the Church Fathers is that they do not support it, or at least refrain from speaking of such a superiority, though more recent teaching from especially Pope John Paul II do actually lean this way.

  4. You’re not the first Roman Catholic I’ve seen writing about this. I think your diagnosis is correct about this being the external extra factor of the feminist nature of society, but it would be right to say Mary is given an independence in the West that she was never afforded in the east. I have never in Orthodoxy seen Mary depicted as anything other than the Holy Theotokos (that is, with the Christ Child in hand), and I suspect this was to assuage fears that she might become a goddess to those pagans who converted from goddess-centric religions. Mary’s significance is her role as the Mother of God, and in this aspect she is truly magnificent. I have prayed for her intercession many times! Come to love Mary for she symbolizes a complete affront to the contemporary, diseased notion of womanhood. She was pure, the eve that could have been.

  5. Thank you all for your comments. Let me say that I see a subtle shift of focus. Many Catholics uphold Mary as the light and lens through which we look heavenward toward Jesus. It sounds spiritual, but I believe it is backwards. Rather, it is Jesus who is the light and lens of Mary. Without Jesus, Mary is nothing, like all other humanity. Rather, it is because there is a God that Mary is Mother of God. It is because of Christ Incarnate that Mary was able to be a mother. It is because of the Holy Spirit that Mary was granted what she was.

    But many seem to have it backwards, that God is because Mary was Mother of God, that Jesus is because Mary was a mother of Jesus before there was a Jesus. It is a subtle idea that Mary’s goodness is innate in herself and not the gift of grace given to her. It is almost causal. Mary is the cause of the Trinity. But that is doctrinally wrong, even within the Church, while so many may be subtly adopting the idea.

  6. buckyinky,
    You have to understand that when I say “superior” it is not an absolute superiority, nor are men absolutely superior in any sense. I am talking specifically about the sense which St. Paul uses when he says in the First Epistle to the Corinthians, “The man… is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of the man… But yet neither is the man without the woman, nor the woman without the man, in the Lord. For as the woman is of the man, so also is the man by the woman: but all things of God.” I point you to the Encyclical of Pope Pius XI, Casti Connubii; “For if the man is the head, the woman is the heart, and as he occupies the chief place in ruling, so she may and ought to claim for herself the chief place in love. “

    1. I don’t guess we’re in much, if any, disagreement on this in the end HR. I blame any misunderstanding we’ve had on the demon of confusion that is feminism.

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