Sex! Sex! Sex!

The political issue that matters most to America.

Donald Trump talked about grabbing women in the biscuit. The left are up in arms about the lack of respect women get, especially the first potential female president. There’s talk of rape culture and secret sexual liaisons.

I posted on Facebook:

Feminism has spent a century and more fighting to liberate women from the expectations and limitations of Christian marriage and chastity. And now they are appalled that men have responded by seeking the same liberation.

Men and women are free from any sexual morals. Feminists are obsessed with sex and have always been obsessed with sex. Sex is power for women. Men are addicted to porn and feminists want to abolish puberty.

Game of Thrones ruins its great tale with sex.

Miley Cyrus (pictured above). Need I say more?

The Enquirer publishes the headline about Hillary’s secret sex affairs.

Americans seem to only care about sex, the freedom to have it or the need to protect women from it.

What of all this talk of possible nuclear war with Russia?

That’s just a tin foil hat conspiracy theory. It’s got to be.


Author: M.W. Peak

Just a humble guy trying to make his way in the universe.

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