Western Christendom Versus The Hoard

This video for #DisruptJ20 pretty much says it all. This is what the Hoard believes …

At the 1:48 mark, the narrator says, “Our Allegiance is not to making American great again, but to all humanity and the planet.”

The ethnic, cultural, and ideological divide is becoming clearer and this video reveals just how important the 2016 election truly was. As an emerging Catholic, I would love to see Catholics and other Christians realize that an entire civilization rooted in their faith is being engaged and dismantled.

Michael Voris, of ChurchMilitant, recognizes the same:

What we witnessed this week in American politics is the destruction of Diocletian and the ascendancy of Constantine. To be certain, Diocletian always seems to be resurrected somewhere down the road, and God always raises up His new Constantine, but for the moment, in the present temporal order of affairs, the Diocletian apparatus has suffered a severe blow, and Constantine will be shortly assuming the throne.

As I have written, the time for mercy has passed. Moderation is suicide. Those who seek to overcome and overthrow the Christian West for a secular world will not be deterred. They will not respect the traditions of the faithful. They will not accept the Western Republic. They despise the Holy Roman Empire. What they will accept is the subjugation of the Church to the State, of the mysterious to the scientific, of belief to allegiance, of Christ Himself to His creation. Christ indeed did subjugate Himself to His creation and the result was His crucifixion.

And I do not think He will be inclined to let it happen twice.


The Time For Mercy Has Passed


The Presidential Election for 2016 has been won by Donald Trump, a man who is immoral and devoid of Christian loyalties, yet was willing to face incredible opposition in order to challenge the flowing trend of globalism that was slowly engulfing America and is slowly destroying Europe.

With Trump as President, Occidental Christendom in America has a powerful symbol in his victory. Though the Republican majority in Congress is useless because the Republicans sided with the Democrats against Trump, the citizen who holds to their Euro-American history and heritage has the opportunity to use the moral momentum to push hard against the Progressive left.

Moderation has proven over the course of time to be a gentle and polite path of self-annihilation. The wisest leaders have always warned that compromise comes in small sips from a cup until the cup is empty and the belly full, leaving what was once a sharp mind dull and satiated. This is what has happened to the Posterity the American founders wrote about in the Constitution. While change is inevitable, compromise of founding realities are not. In the twentieth century, America has experienced not just sips from the cup of compromise, but waves from an ocean.

The culture war waged against the very founding of America was allowed to morph into the current wealth- and power-driven belief in a global establishment. Everything that Occidential-minded American Christians hold as valuable, such as national identity, faith, history, and family, has been eroded from inside and out. It was not rock music or Hollywood or Satanism that lead to this collapse, but compromise with counter ideas through peaceful, middle-ground moderation. Those against Christendom asked for polite conversation and talked the man of the West into given them his soul.

This gentle subversion was successful because Christians give consideration to their enemies:

The reason why Christianity was so easy subverted was that giving consideration to its enemies is a primary doctrine. Believing they were fulfilling the admonishment by Christ Himself to love their enemies and withhold judgment, Christians gave equal credence to ideas that directly countered the faith. In the name of love, Christians became fools. Once a dialogue had begun, the compromises came easier until Christianity became merely a religion of human invention and not a preserver of truth and reality.

The time for this consideration has passed. The Occidental Christian, the white Christian, is facing a future of defeat and suffering if he does not stand fast for who he is and what he was given by those came before him.

But it is more than just a white identity. It is more than just being a race. It is about being a nation, a national called Western Christendom. It is about the people, their culture, and their history. It about realizing that the goal of the Godless global empirical engineers is to destroy the Occidental Christian, destroy his national identity, destroy his culture, destroy his history.

As the soil that was seeded and gave rise to Occidental Christendom is being trampled underfoot and devoured by hoards of locusts from Arabia and Africa, white American Christians still have an opportunity to preserve some remnant of their near heritage and their ancient history. They can still stand and freely embrace the transcendent identity of being Western, European, Christian, and American. As the monks of early Christendom fought to preserve the writings of the their world even as the libraries were burned to the ground by pagan invaders, so there is an opportunity to gather and preserve the vast and incredible libraries of identity, history, and culture of Occidental Christendom from slow extinction. The locusts from south of the border and from third world countries are feasting on a sick and dying West. They are joyful and love their new home, but it is the wealth of the Occident and not the Occident itself that satisfies them.

Preservation will require a hardness of will and merciless refusal to compromise.

No more should the Western man compromise his identity for the sake of equality.

No more should the Western man compromise his culture for the sake of diversity.

No more should the Western man compromise his history for the sake of social justice.

No more compromises. Rather, let there be rediscovery and re-engagement of direct confrontation of those siren voices that call him take a sip from the cup of common ground.

The words of king Lemuel, the prophecy that his mother taught him.

What, my son? and what, the son of my womb?
and what, the son of my vows?
Give not thy strength unto women,
nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings.
It is not for kings, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine;
nor for princes strong drink:
lest they drink, and forget the law,
and pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted.

Proverbs 31:1-5

Choosing Christendom Over America

Sanctuary for dark times.

As of this writing, it is November 3, 2016. The United States Presidential election is approaching and there is both intense support as well as disgruntled disgust for both leading candidates. The cultural divide is wide and polarized. There are rumors of civil wars should either candidate win. Each side is fighting for what it wants America to be.

However, lost in all of this is the larger arc of history and the connection the United States once had to that arc. Severing that connection has been a major tactic of American Marxists, fully exploding in iconoclastic fervor in the 1960’s.

The people and culture that seeded and gave birth to what became America were overwhelmingly European, or Occidental. The word “Occident” is defined by Oxford as The countries of the West, especially Europe and America. If a man thinks about these countries, especially those of Europe, the concept of the “Old World” may come to mind. This stands is contrast to the New World, which Europeans first colonized then immigrated to. When the European Protestants first established their small colonies on the shores of what is today known as America they sought to build a new world independent of the old. However, they still needed to stand on the shoulders of the old.

In many ways, Protestant Christianity is a new world religion while the Roman Catholic Church is an old world religion. But both old and new world Western religion is steeped in the old world, the West. The rebellous war waged by modern children is against the old fathers of the old world and the younger fathers of the new world.

That war has been mostly successful. The young fathers of the new world have been sent, posthumously, to judge, jury, and executioner for being Euroepan, male, and Christian under the terms “racist,” “sexist,” and “hate.” The prescribed punishment for past crimes has been ongoing erosion of the guilty for promotion of the “other,” including minorities, women, and especially anyone who hates the Church. Thus has been introduced through the conjured sacrament of atheism.

With the cultural battle lines drawn as they are, it was inevitable that from the European descendants of the young fathers of the new world, the posterity written into the US Constitution, there would arise the whispers of ethnic and national pride. How much more social ostracizing does the US. expect white males to endure, just because they are white males? The insult is that much more painful because of the young fathers of the new world, their forefathers, happened to build something that bettered the lives of millions upon millions of people. Those who despise the founding of the United States are utterly dependent on that founding for the freedom to share and propagate their protest.

So, in 2016, approaching a Presidential election, the dividing line between citizens voting is between the ongoing progressive pursuit of a globalist vision and the small, but quickly emerging voice of American nationalism, what many call the Alt-Right. For many Americans, the idea of transforming the entire world into “America,” especially with its financial luxuries, is considered an absolute, all-encompassing good. It is considered noble to export democracy to non-democratic places and import people from non-democratic places into the democracy within.

The only difference between the established right and left of the political spectrum is that the right seeks global America through unfettered economics and the left seeks global America through government regulation of those economics, Marxism. Both the Republican and Democratic parties are globalist parties.

Into this fray comes Donald Trump, self-made billionaire and a man independent of the money that the globalists have come to depend on. The primary appeal of his man is not his morals, because he is not a moral man. It is not his religion as the man does seem to have one. It is not his eloquent statesmanship as he is brash and unapologetic. What makes Donald Trump so loved and hated is that he is first and foremost an advocate of America with a succinct lack of concern for the rest of the world. He does not want to feed the world’s poor. He does want to keep the United States from becoming the world’s poor.

Under Trump is rising an American patriotism that wants America and her specific national identity to be given first place among competing histories and traditions. This nationalism is considered by the globally minded to be an evil and anachronistic evil at that. Whereas America was once the new world, it has now been relegated to old world status, like the European nations from which the United States emerged.

As important as this contest between globalism and nationalism is, there is something missing. Neither the Washington establishment nor Donald Trump seem very interested in preserving, or resuscitating, the religious culture of America’s founding or remembering the religious culture from which America based much of its identity.

America is separated from both Christian influence and Christendom history. This may not have been the intention of the original European colonizers, but it is the reality of the twenty-first century. The culture of America has been fully revealed by the candidates it has produced. There is belief in happiness through financial freedom and utopia through social justice, but there seems little belief in an occidental identity or the associated religious history. Whereas churches once represented both divine revelation and grounded history through tradition and were a cultural shelter for European and American Christendom, they have become places for pursuing happiness and believing in a better world today through lofty dreams divorced from reality.

While pursuing nationalism over globalism is an important step in saving the West, saving the Occident Man, it is not enough. There needs to be both a rejection of the fleeting modern ideas of happiness and a rediscovery of the deeper and more substantive identity of the European Christian, or more profoundly, the Occidental Catholic.

Saving America was once a noble idea, but it no longer enough. All of Christendom in the West is under siege from within and without and the two most important factors are demographics and culture. Christendom itself is of far more importance the corrupt decadent mess that has produced the current crop of American political leadership. The man of European descent needs to find his ethnic roots, taste the richness of rediscovered tradition, and live for something greater than the crumbling American Empire.

Sex! Sex! Sex!

The political issue that matters most to America.

Donald Trump talked about grabbing women in the biscuit. The left are up in arms about the lack of respect women get, especially the first potential female president. There’s talk of rape culture and secret sexual liaisons.

I posted on Facebook:

Feminism has spent a century and more fighting to liberate women from the expectations and limitations of Christian marriage and chastity. And now they are appalled that men have responded by seeking the same liberation.

Men and women are free from any sexual morals. Feminists are obsessed with sex and have always been obsessed with sex. Sex is power for women. Men are addicted to porn and feminists want to abolish puberty.

Game of Thrones ruins its great tale with sex.

Miley Cyrus (pictured above). Need I say more?

The Enquirer publishes the headline about Hillary’s secret sex affairs.

Americans seem to only care about sex, the freedom to have it or the need to protect women from it.

What of all this talk of possible nuclear war with Russia?

That’s just a tin foil hat conspiracy theory. It’s got to be.

A Feminist Infection

I am a Christian feminist! Hear me roar!

In serious of previous articles, I examined the teachings of the Catholic Church and leveled against them very harsh criticism. You can read those articles, here, here, and here. I also talked about how progressive influences were prevalent in the process of introducing people to the Catholic Church.

The Church holds that faith and reason go hand in hand and one should not be separated from the other. So I revisited those articles and reexamined them through my faith and using my reason. I have yet to join the Church and should I at the last minute refuse to do so based on its teachings of Mary I needed to make sure that my rejection is not based on some emotional or psychological thorn.

Unfortunately, there is a thorn and its name feminism.

In each article, I am essentially wrestling with the core idea that Mary is equal to, or even greater than, Jesus. Part of this is because the Roman Church has put into place prayers and liturgy that allow such an idea. But it is also because I have been infected with feminist thought.

The great curse of feminist culture is that a man steeped in its aggressive and bitter grip comes to see everything as a promotion of women and the demotion of men. Though he may take the red pill and fight feminist thought, it still clouds his mind and emotions, preventing him from seeing life clearly.

I believe this is why I have such a strong reaction to the Church’s Marian doctrines. Though I have taken the red pill and am working on remodeling my life accordingly, the infection still lingers, though the fight against it is slowly being won.

If I am to examine the teachings and ideas of the Roman Church before deciding to finally commit, it needs to be done through the patient work of faith and reason and not the painful confusion that is feminism.

That said, though, Catholicism appears so weak and emasculated right now, much like the Western Civilization it was once helped to build. And the other options look infected as well.

Another Sign Of The Decline

Some things speak for themselves. This is one of them. I present to you the phenomenon known as the American woman.

The target audience will most likely be high school and college aged girls. Feminists of course will say that women have the right to attract as much sexual attention as they can with this clothing line and that men are virtual rapists by looking at them.

Nothing says “whore” like bleeding edge fashion.